Cheapest Gas and Electricity Suppliers

You can find the current UK's cheapest gas and electric supplier listed below. This is a comparison of gas and electricity companies to find the lowest price for UK customers.

These prices are regularly updated and are calculated using Ofgem's official average usage figures1 for low, medium and high energy user households.

Figures assume you are a dual fuel user, are not on Economy 7 and pay by Direct Debit. Some basic assumptions have to be made for comparisons as energy companies have so many tariffs which vary based on several factors. For the typical UK household these will be the cheapest suppliers of gas and electricity.

Cheap Gas and Electric

Finding the cheapest gas and electricity company with the lowest tariff isn't too difficult, you just need to know where to look. The most common method used if you are looking to get a better energy deal is to use an energy comparison site.

Whilst energy comparison sites will find you a better deal you have to remember to recheck after your fixed deal ends. If you are on a variable tariff then it can be prudent to do a comparison every 3 to 12 months or if you notice your bills creeping up.

For those who want a quick and simple comparison take a look at our comparison of UK energy suppliers that shows price and customer feedback scores.

Auto Switch Energy Sites

Some companies have taken the energy comparison service a step further and offer automatic energy switching. Essentially they do the same job as a standard energy switching site but offer to switch your supplier for you and keep on comparing energy supplier tariffs to ensure you are still getting the cheapest price.

We've been reviewing energy switching sites here at Safe Energy Switch since the beginning of 2018. The most popular services now have in excess of 200,000 customers. This type of service is great for people who don't want the hassle of having to remember to compare and switch energy suppliers.

Who is The Cheapest Energy Supplier for Average Medium Energy User Households?

Since we started tracking energy prices to show you the best energy deals at the start of 2020 we have never experienced such disarray in the domestic energy market. If you weren't aware energy prices have increased significantly leaving energy companies in a situation where they were unable to continue trading and unfortunately many have had to close.

Usually we would provide the top 10 cheapest deals for you to switch to but we have found that due to prices changing so quickly and energy comparison sites not reflecting the current market accurately we are temporarily pausing our monthly updates until things settle.

Gas and electric deals

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Get £50 for Switching

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Most consumers do not compare gas and electricity online and so are not aware of the vast difference in price their can be will all the tariffs.

To get the best deals on gas and electric you have to compare energy prices. It's not difficult to do and takes less than 5 minutes and for people who have not done so already stand to save several hundred pounds.

However price is not the only factor with brand loyalty and customer service among other factors being important to consumers. You can read about some of the common mistakes that you can avoid when switching to ensure that you not only save money but also have a stress free experience.

Historical Summary of the Cheapest Energy Company

The table below summarises the data we collect for each month on the cheapest energy tariffs. You can find historic data on which energy companies had the best gas and electric deals in the past to give you an idea of which energy providers offer consistently low priced tariffs.

September 2021588Ebico1,056
August 2021426Ebico1,056
July 2021624PFP Energy859
June 2021616PFP Energy859
May 2021604Orbit Energy871
April 2021604Orbit Energy871
March 2021514NEO Energy875
February 2021514NEO Energy875
January 2021517London Power872
December 2020564PFP Energy825
November 2020555PFP Energy834
October 2020550Outfox the Market839
September 2020652Outfox the Market799
August 2020651Outfox the Market799
July 2020672Avro Energy779
June 2020679Outfox the Market771
May 2020708Yorkshire Energy743
April 2020717Outfox the Market765
March 2020711Yorkshire Energy771
February 2020707Utility Point775
January 2020674Outfox the Market808
December 2019641Outfox the Market841
August 2019679Outfox the Market848
May 2019676Outfox the Market851
March 2019601Utility Point883

energy switching tip
DATE - month price was compared.
DIFFERENCE £ - the annual cost difference between the lowest cost and most expensive tariff.
CHEAPEST - that months cheapest energy company.
ANNUAL COST £ - the yearly cost for the average UK energy user if they were with that provider.

The price you pay varies depending on the energy distribution region you are in. Our figures are based on energy quotes for the Eastern region and therefore doing a price comparison using your own postcode may show a different gas and electric company as the cheapest for your area.

This is why it is important that you get a quote yourself using your postcode and your actual usage figures. We recommend Energy Helpline for energy cost comparisons and Switchd or Look After My Bills for automatic comparisons and switching.

energy switching tip For historical purposes you can see the historically cheapest tariffs that were available previously below.


September 2021

Most of the cheapest deals this September 21 are variable rate deals which means the prices can increase at any point. As prices are due to increase in October 2021 it may make more sense for you to consider fixing your prices now rather than paying more when all prices increase next month.

The highest rated supplier 4.8/5) in the top 10 cheapest deals this month is Octopus Energy with their Flexible Octopus variable rate plan costing around £96 a month.

As prices are due to increase it may be worth considering their 2 year fixed rate costing £114 a month which may work out cheaper once the variable rates increase in October.

You can also get an additional £50 cashback if you switch to Octopus.

The next best rated supplier is Avro Energy (4.4/5) with a fixed price deal costing about £93 a month. It's the best budget fixed deal this month.

August 2021

There have been some big changes in the energy prices as the budget suppliers have been unable to maintain their below market prices. For the first time budget energy suppliers have crossed the thousand pound a year barrier for the average UK household.

August 2021 shows the cheapest supplier as Ebico's 'Ebico Standard April 2021 v1' tariff with the typical gas and electricity bill coming in at £1056.48 a year. Utility Point's 'Just Join Up 21 12M Fixed Wk28' tariff is only slightly more at £1,058.04. Both suppliers however have a lacklustre 3.5/5 Trustpilot score.

Both Avro Energy and Outfox the Market are both better deals due to their consistently higher ratings at 4.5/5 for only a marginally more yearly cost. Avro's 'Simple and Superflow12M' tariff costing £1,071.36 a year and 'One Green Flex 8.0' from Outfox at £1,095.12.

Green also offers good value with their Rosewood tariff costing £1,092.24. Green's rating have been good but are currently below Outfox and Avro at 3.8/5.

July 2021

The cost of the cheapest energy in July 2021 remains the same as last month with the 'Green Variable s2 Paperless' from PFP Energy costing the average UK household around £859 a year. PFP Energy has not yet altered their tariff pricing for July so they still remain the current best deal on the market in terms of price.

However be aware they have low ratings of 3.5/5 on Trustpilot (slightly worse than last month) so there is a higher potential risk of you having hassles.

Although slightly more expensive, the tariffs from London Power (4.9/5), Outfox the Market (4.6/5) and igloo (4.4/5) are from much better rated suppliers and still offer a price much lower than outside the top 10 best energy deals.

June 2021

Prices have increased generally amongst UK energy providers with some of the popular providers increasing their prices such as Bulb which now costs £96.84 a month compared to the top 10 cheapest deals ranging from £71.57 to £81.08.

You can see that even switching from the popular providers which people deem to be cheaper can save around £15 to £25 a month on their gas and electric bills.

The cheapest deal this June 2021 is currently from PFP Energy costing £71.57 a month for a typical household with their 'Green Variable s2 Paperless' tariff. Although a cheap deal be wary of their below average ratings of 3.6/5 on Trustpilot.

Whilst ratings aren't everything they do tend to become more important when you need to contact the supplier only to find it problematic. Conversely as long as there are no issues caused by the supplier such as problems with meter readings and you never have to try to contact them you can benefit from the lower prices.

May 2021

The cheapest deal for May 2021 is unchanged from last month with the Spring Vari-Save Extra tariff from Orbit Energy costing £72.60 per month for the average UK household. Neo Energy also remains the second lowest priced tariff with prices the same as last month.

Overall for May 2021 there is not much change in who provides the best deals for gas and electric. Green is slightly cheaper than they were last month so they are now this month's third overall cheapest tariff. Green's Yew tariff cost £75.40 per month for a typical UK home so their prices are around a pound cheaper per month than their previous tariff.

The top 6 lowest priced tariffs are all variable rates with the cheapest fixed rate in the top 10 coming from the Green Ray tariff on a 12 month fix but this tariff has £36 per fuel early exit fees. The Simple and Saver 12M from Avro Energy is slightly more expensive but does not have any exit fees.

Avro Energy still offers the overall best value for money this month for those looking for the stability of a fixed rate. For a flexible tariff the best overall deal when taking into account the energy providers ratings is the Yew tariff from Green and the Spring 21 Variable tariff from Outfox the Market.

April 2021

The cheapest tariff for April 2021 is the Spring Vari-Save Extra tariff from Orbit Energy costing £72.60 per month for the average UK household. It's only just cheaper than last month lowest priced energy from Neo which still costs £72.94 with its price remaining unchanged from last month.

The cheapest 1 year fix is from Hub Energy with the HUB Smart Choice Tariff 12 April 22 v1 tariff costing £76.66 a month, about £4 more expensive a month than the cheapest variable rate deal. There is a £30 per fuel early exit fee attached to this offer.

There is a no exit fee 1 year fix from Avro Energy that is only marginally more at £77.37 a month, about £10 more than Hub's deal over the 1 year fixed period. The Simple and Super12M tariff from Avro is a safer bet if you wanted to avoid the potential £60 dual fuel exit fees should you decide to switch to a cheaper deal before the end of the contract.

Taking into account customer ratings and how good the suppliers perform if you are looking for the safest bet then Avro Energy's fixed deal with no exit fees and a 4.6 out of 5 Trustpilot rating is the best deal this month. Both Orbit and Neo have poor ratings so are potentially more of a risk but if price is more important, then Orbit is slightly better. Outfox and Green are nice balance between cheapest and good ratings if you are undecided.

March 2021

March 2021 and NEO Energy's NEO 4.1 tariffs price is unchanged costing the average household just under £73 a month.

Hub Energy (formerly Gulf Gas and Power) has the second cheapest deal with their 'HUB Smart Choice Tariff 12 March 22 v2' costing £78 a month. Hub Energy is possibly one to watch for the future if they can maintain their current 4.5 out of 5 rating and low 4% bad feedback score.

Outfox the Market is back with a cheaper deal with the 'Fix'd 21 8.0' tariff at £79.44 and has a good 4.6 out of 5 Trustpilot score although that score still has a high 13% bad feedback rating with a higher than usual number of complaints in February.

Avro Energy is a highly rated supplier and at the time of writing their 'Simple and SuperSwitcher' tariff still remains at a reasonable £79.60 a month.

The cheapest large supplier deal is from Scottish Power with the 'Greener Future March 2022 B1' tariff costing the average household £80.43 per month.

February 2021

The lowest priced energy tariff is from small gas and electricity provider NEO Energy with a variable rate tariff called NEO 4.1 which would cost the average household in the UK £72.94 a month.

Although this deal from NEO is really cheap they are a new company and only started trading in 2020. Whilst being a new energy company is not generally a problem as they tend to have lower prices you need be careful of firms with low ratings. NEO Energy has a low level of customer trust as you can see in our review of NEO Energy.

Of the cheapest suppliers this month Green, Goto Energy, Avro Energy and Pure Planet are all highly rated companies. This month I'd have to say that Goto Energy's Standard Variable tariff offers good value at £78.96 a month. It's a great option if you don't want to fix your energy whilst energy prices are currently high and wanted a company to switch to until prices fall when you can switch to a lower priced fixed energy deal ready for next winter.

People's Energy also offers good value at £80.53. It is fixed so make sure you want to fix your prices for 12 months before switching. I have been a People's Energy customer and they have been excellent. They also pay 75% of profits back to customers as there are no shareholders to pay out to.

January 2021

It's January 2021 and there has been price increases across the board which means the cheapest deal has gone from £825 last month to £872 for the average UK household. This time last year prices were actually falling from £841 in December 2019 to £808 in January 2020 mainly due to strong pricing competition from supplier Outfox the Market.

We are still seeing green energy deals dominating the cheaper end of the market showing that switching to a renewable energy tariff is generally cheaper.

Currently the cheapest energy rate is 'my london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed nov 2020v1' from London Power (founded by Sadiq Khan) costing £72.72 a month. It's a 12 month fixed rate tariff and there are no early exit fees should you want to switch again before the end of your contract. They are an ethical energy company aiming to provide affordable energy but they only supply London homes.

The next lowest priced dual fuel deal is 'NEO 4.1' from NEO Energy which is available nationally and is only 22 pence a month more expensive at £72.94 for the average UK household. This is a variable rate plan so no exit fees but it is not green. If you want 100% renewable energy then the Cedar tariff from is about a pound more a month.

December 2020

PFP Energy is again the cheapest overall tariff for the average household with their 'Fixed - December 2021 - Green v1 Paperless' costing £68.77 a month or £825.24 over the course of a year. Again this is a fixed price deal for 12 months with £30 per fuel early exit fees.

This tariff is not available on energy comparison sites so you would have to switch yourself directly with the suppliers website.

Whilst PFP Energy is cheap they have got themselves into trouble recently by installing the old SMETS 1 smart meters rather than the newer SMETS 2 which do not have the problem of going dumb when you switch suppliers. As a result they have been told they may not be able to take on any new customers until the issue is resolved.

The best overall deal is from Outfox the Market as it is only slightly more expensive per month at £69.09 (£829.08 a year) and is also fixed for 12 months but there are no early exit fees so you can switch again before the end of the deal without worry.

Historically Outfox the Market doesn't have the greatest customer feedback although over the last year their ratings have improved and now stand at 4.6/5. If you are looking to switch to a cheaper supplier that has consistently performed well for customers it is worth taking a look at the renewable energy supplier Green.

November 2020

PFP Energy has released a tariff that is this November 2020's lowest priced domestic rate. It's the first time in fact that they have ever reached the top 10.

They've been around since 2015 so are still relatively new but do have some history as a UK supplier. PFP do encourage their customers towards online account management and paying by direct debit. If you want to pay on receipt of a bill then it will cost around £90 more a year to do so. DD and paperless billing is almost always cheaper.

One striking note this month (November 2020) is that Outfox the Market no longer has a top 10 cheap deal. In fact their current lowest price is £75.19 a month (One Green Flex 3.0) which places them at position 15 costing more than £5 a month more than this month's best tariff.

So we have PFP Energy's Fixed - November 2021 v1 Paperless Billing tariff costing £69.50 a month (£834 a year) for a typical UK household.

The best variable rate deal this month is the Green Oak tariff costing £70.41 a month and as with all variable rates there are no early exit fees.

October 2020

October 2020 has seen the cost of the cheapest deals creep up from last month where the cheapest deals ranged from £66 to £72 a month to around £70 to £74 for the average UK household.

Incidentally the Ofgem price cap was updated at the start of October 2020 to help protect those who are less likely to compare and switch energy. The price cap does not affect savvy shoppers who look for the best energy deals, it's purely designed to stop energy companies ripping off loyal customers on default or standard variable energy tariffs and prepayment meters.

Outfox the Market no longer has the cheapest tariff. In fact OTM is the third cheapest and now only has one energy tariff is the top 10 cheapest tariffs (last month it had three).

The cheapest energy provider for October 2020 is Simplicity Energy with their 2020Cabbage tariff costing £69.95 a month. The previous month this tariff was the 6th cheapest overall.

Avro Energy's Simple and SuperConnect tariff is the cheapest fixed energy deal with no exit fees costing £70.36 per month. As there are no exit fees and it is only 41p a month more than the current cheapest deal where as Simplicity is 41p cheaper but it £35 per fuel early exit fee if you leave the 12 month fixed deal early.

Energy company Green still offers great value having three tariffs listed in the top 10 cheapest gas and electric deals. They also offer renewable electricity on all their tariffs and on their Sycamore tariff offers carbon neutral gas.

Both Neo Energy and Powershop are new energy suppliers reaching the top 10 cheapest with their Top Shopper 2020 Issue 3 tariff costing £72.83 a month and NEO 4.1 costing £72.94 a month.

September 2020

The One Green Flex 2.0 tariff from Outfox the Market continues to be the cheapest tariff for the average UK energy user costing £799 a year or £66.60 per month. However the Green Palm Tree energy tariff costs about the same price and has much better credentials.

September 2020 has seen only a slight increase in prices amongst many of the cheaper energy suppliers but it is likely that prices will continue to creep up for those low cost energy deals. Now would be a good time to seek out the best fixed rate energy deals on the market before you start using the heating more.

The Palm Tree tariff from energy supplier Green is the replacement for their popular Cherry Blossom tariff. However their replacement is actually slightly cheaper so a great variable rate plan to be had from this supplier.

The cheapest 12 month fixed energy deal is the Woods energy tariff from Green at £834.72 or £69.56 a month. The only caveat being that there is a hefty £36 per fuel early exit fee if you decide to leave them before the end of the 12 months.

August 2020

Gas and electricity prices are slowly creeping up for the third month in a row. Those of you heeded my advice and fixed months ago are now enjoying cheaper locked in prices.

Going forward energy prices are going to continue to increase. Most of the cheap energy providers release new gas and electricity tariffs monthly and we have seen the previous months tariffs replaced with slightly more expensive tariffs.

The cheap gas and electricity tariffs we list here still cost much less than the rest of the market so you can potentially save hundreds. A recent switch saw a customer save £445 switching from SSE where they were on an expensive evergreen standard variable rate to Avro Simple and Superfixed. This was after SSE told the customer they were on the cheapest tariff, really SSE!

Talking of Avro Energy they have withdrawn their SImple and Superfixed tariff and replaced it with Simple and Superglow. The replacement tariff is £39 a year more expensive but still a hell of a lot cheaper than most other UK energy plans available, plus it's fixed for 12 months and there are no early exit fees.

So the cheapest energy deal in August 2020 is from Outfox the Market. Outfox regularly produces cheap energy deals and this month has the two cheapest energy plans in the UK with their 'One Green Flex 2.0' and 'One Green Flex 2.0 Plus' costing £799 and £802 a year.

July 2020

Domestic gas and electricity prices in July 2020 see a slight increase amongst many of the cheapest tariffs. Compared to last month some gas and electric deals are now £20 to £30 per year more expensive. There seems to be a trend which started last month with Yorkshire Energy pulling their cheapest energy deal and this month other energy suppliers have increased the cost of their cheapest deals.

June's cheapest deal Outfox the Market's 12 month fixed priced 'Fix'D 20 11.0' at £771 has been pulled so Outfox is no longer the lowest cost energy supplier, this accolade goes to Avro Energy by default (last month second cheapest). Outfox the Market has instead replaced it with their new 12 month fix 'Fix'D 20 12.0' at £818 which is £47 a year costlier than their last months 1 year fixed energy equivalent offering.

Whilst fixed price deals seem to be increasing in cost many of the variable rate plans have stayed the same including One Green Flex 2.0 from Outfox the Market at £799. Additionally One Green Flex 2.0 Plus is the next cheapest tariff at £802.

So this month's best gas and electric deal is last month's second cheapest deal, Simple and SuperFixed from Avro Energy £779. It's the UK's cheapest energy with a 12 month fixed deal with no exit fees. Avro Energy's 'Simple and SuperFixed' has not changed price since last month.

As I said last month with the loss of Yorkshire Energy's cheap variable tariff and I'm saying again in July 2020, you need to grab these deals before they go. July has seen many of the cheapest deals become more expensive and the cheapest priced tariffs being pulled.

The Simple and SuperFixed tariff from Avro Energy may still be here next month or the price may go up. As the prices are fixed for 12 months and there are no early exit fees this is a low risk switch. If a cheaper deal does come along you can switch again without penalty.

However with the trend of the last few months where the cost of the cheapest deals is gradually creeping up now is a good time to switch if you are looking to make the biggest saving on your gas and electricity bills.

June 2020

It looks like June 2020 has arrived with some big changes. The Yorkshire Energy Variable tariff has gone. It was the cheapest energy tariff in May 2020 and it looks like it is no longer available. It is still listed as a live tariff on their website as at the time of writing but you can't sign up for it either directly with them or through an energy comparison site.

So for this month Outfox the Market is back at number 1 with the lowest costing gas and electricity tariff 'Fix'D 20 11.0'. It was last months second cheapest but now 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' has vanished they take the crown and the cost remains the same as May 2020.

Yorkshire Energy have a new fixed deal 'Green Flamborough - Fixed until 31st July 2021' which is about £20 more expensive than last months 'Green Malham – Fixed until 30th June 2021' but still the fourth cheapest tariff.

Avro Energy and Tonik Energy are the second and third cheapest tariffs with Avro's 'Simple and SuperFixed' remaining the same price. However Tonik has released their 'Green SuperPower (1 Year) v4 + Free Boiler Service' tariff at £780 which includes a free boiler service through Homeserve. They also have another new 'Green Power (1 Year) v6 + Free Boiler Service' tariff about £30 more expensive but with greener electricity.

Green, Green Network Energy and London Power all have tariffs entering the top 10. Green jumped in at 8th cheapest with their 'CherryBlossom' tariff, this is the first time they have appeared in the top 10 and could be looking to get some traction with their low cost green energy.

So this month's best gas and electric deal is Outfox the Market's Fix'D 20 11.0 at £771, still a good 12 month fixed deal with no exit fees. Tonik's 12 month fixed deals are also looking attractive if you consider the free boiler service although both their fixed deals have £30 per fuel early exit fees.

If you are looking for a cheap energy deal it is important to act now rather than wait as we've seen with the loss of Yorkshire's cheap variable tariff.

May 2020

Last month (April 2020) it was the third cheapest energy tariff and this month (May 2020) Yorkshire Energy has cut the price of their 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' tariff from £771.69 down to £743.23 beating both Outfox the Market and Tonik as this months lowest cost deal.

Outfox the Market's Fix'D 20 4.0 tariff proved popular as a cheap fixed deal but has alas gone and been superseded by their Fix'D 20 5.0 and Fix'D 20 5.0 Plus. Outfox the Market tariffs in 2020 remain some of the best with this month having 4 tariffs in the top 10 up from 3 last month. For constant long term price reliability and value they remain the best.

It looks like this month has seen Outfox the Market slightly increasing the cost of their gas and electric dual fuel tariffs at the same time as Yorkshire Energy slashing £28 off their variable rate.

If you are looking for a cheap variable rate tariff then Yorkshire Energy is the lowest cost tariff in over a year.

Both Orbit and Gulf Energy have been knocked out of the top 10 best deals and we saw Together energy and ESB sneak into positions 9 and 10 with their 12 month fixed deals. At £810 and £811 a year and with exit fees they are nowhere near as good a deal as Outfox the Market's £771 Fix'D 20 11.0 tariff 12 month fixed deal with no early exit fees.

So for this month the best variable deal is with Yorkshire Energy and whilst Outfox the Market have lost the crown for cheapest budget supplier they still have the best value fixed energy deal.

April 2020

Yet again we see price fall again with the cheapest tariff costing £765.55 a year which is £63.80 a month. The top spot was taken by Outfox the Market for April 2020 with their latest Fix'd tariff, Fix'd 20 9.0 knocking the Yorkshire Energy Variable tariff off the top spot although they remain the third cheapest tariff overall in April.

Tonik Energy has entered the top 10 cheapest tariffs this month straight in as the second cheapest energy supplier with their Green Super Power (1 Year) v1 tariff costing £771.39 (£64.28 a month). This is a 12 month fixed deal but unlike Outfox they have early exit fees so financially you are better off with Outfox the market.

The trend continues showing that greater competition between the smaller and newer suppliers is continuing to push prices down for customers. The best energy deals remain cheaper than ever but the more expensive energy deals that consumers insist on sticking with are looking increasingly more expensive with the gap between cheapest tariff and most expensive having increased yet again to a record £717 since we started monitoring this over a year ago.

Unfortunately last months Energy Plus Protection Mar 2021 v2 deal from British Gas is now gone. It was a great deal and their best similar deal is far too expensive this month to recommend to you. Compared to last month British Gas costed their energy plus protection at £69.12 a month where their closest current deal costs the same but without the home cover service.

April 2020's best gas and electric deals are with the cheapest energy suppliers. Look for deals from Orbit, Avro, Tonik, Outfox and Yorkshire Energy. Deals can vary depending on your energy usage and region so make sure you compare to get the best deal for your circumstances.

March 2020

The downward price trend continues for March 2020 with the cheapest energy company being slightly lower in cost than last months cheap energy deal. Great for consumers but only if you switch.

So for March 2020 the UK's lowest priced tariff is from Yorkshire Energy with their Yorkshire Energy Variable tariff costing £771.69 a year or £64.31 a month for the average household. It's a green energy deal anda variable tariff so no exit fees if you decide to leave.

Ebico continues to hold the title for most expensive tariff although the difference between the cheapest (Yorkshire Energy Variable) and the most expensive (Ebico Zero Green Fixed v4) has increased slightly to £711.

It clearly illustrates that energy customers (many UK energy firms refer to these as suckers or virtual cash machines) are paying far more than they need to. In fact the trend is heading towards double with the cheapest being £771.69 and the most expensive being £711 more expensive at £1482.03.

Over the past year (March 2019 to March 2020) the annual cost for gas and electric for the average household in the UK has dropped by £112. The downward trend in prices has been due to falling energy costs and greater competition amongst suppliers to have the cheapest tariff.

It is more important now than ever that you switch energy companies to get a cheaper deal. You need to at least once a yearly check to see if you are overpaying as they tend to overcharge customers who remain loyal.

There are a couple of gas and electric best deals this month but although I am not a fan of British Gas their 'Energy Plus Protection Mar 2021 v2' is a good deal. British Gas tariffs are on the whole far more expensive the most other gas and electric suppliers but the Energy plus protection tariffs could be a good for those who want their home cover service.

The cost of this tariff is £829.49 per year or £69.12 for the average energy usage household. It includes central heating breakdown cover, plumbing, drains and home electrics. If you don't want to continue with the cover after the 12 month fixed deal ends they charge you £12 a month for the home cover separately.

Febuary 2020

Looks like energy bills have gotten cheaper this month as February 2020 sees the lowest annual cost for average energy users since we started keeping track of energy costs. Of course you are only going to benefit from the cheaper prices if you switch from your current energy company to a cheaper one.

Utility Point has managed to knock Outfox the Market of the cheapest energy company spot by offering a deal that is as a pound cheaper. However the 12 month fixed deal (£775) they are offering on their Just Up 20 Wk06 Direct v2 tariff comes with a £36 per fuel early exit fee.

Outfox's Fix'D 20 4.0 tariff although a whole £1 more expensive has no early exit fees so is a much better deal.

The difference between the most expensive gas and electric tariff and the cheapest is a record £707 this month. That means that being on Ebico Zero Green Fixed v4 the priciest energy deal costing £1482 is nearly twice as expensive as this months current cheapest deal. Who in their right mind wants to pay twice as much as they need to.

January 2020

Once again Outfox the Market has the cheapest gas and electricity through it's Fix'D 20 2.0 tariff. Great news for customers as we see another reduction in average energy costs being around £80 cheaper than the lowest priced energy tariff compared to about a year ago.

Special mention has to go to People's Energy this month with the overall second best price with their People's Energy 2 Months Upfront 20 Tariff. The difference is only about £4 compared to Outfox the Markets tariff.

People's Energy pay back 75% of the profits to their customers and through REGO certificates from SmartestEnergy are 100% renewable energy suppliers.

Also the difference in cost between the most expensive and cheapest in January 2020 is £674.


Domestic Energy Usage as Defined by Ofgem

Gas (kWh)
Low : 8,000
Medium : 12,000
High : 17,000
Electricity (kWh)
Low : 1,900
Medium : 3,100
High : 4,600