The 10 Cheapest gas and electric deals

Want to know where to get cheap energy deals? We check the whole of the energy market to find the top 10 cheapest energy tariffs and update our list monthly. Take a look at this month's lowest priced energy suppliers in the UK to see how much each company charges compared to other low cost suppliers.

If you could pay less for your home energy you would, wouldn't you? Most households in the UK are paying too much for their energy. By switching to a cheaper gas and electricity supplier you are guaranteed to save money on your energy bill.

Take a look at our regularly updated best deals on energy where you can snag a great fixed rate dual fuel tariff, even some without exit fees. Energy prices are based on region so you will need to compare for the best deal and enter your Postcode and gas and electric energy usage in kWh (this info is on your current bill or statement) to get an accurate quote.

Latest cheap energy deals

March 2021

Neo EnergyNEO 4.172.94875.28
Hub EnergyHUB Smart Choice Tariff 12 March 22 v278.00936.00
Goto EnergyStandard Variable78.96947.52
Outfox the MarketFix'd 21 8.079.44953.28
Utility PointJust Join UP 21 12M Fixed Wk0779.51954.12
Avro EnergySimple and SuperSwitcher79.60955.20
Scottish PowerGreener Future March 2022 B180.43965.16
People's EnergyPeople's Energy Fixed Loyalty Tariff Jan 2180.53966.36
People's EnergyPeople's Energy Fixed Tariff February 21 v480.59967.08
PFP EnergyFixed - May 2022 - Green v1 Paperless80.66967.92

NEO Energy still offers the cheapest energy with the NEO 4.1 tariff still available at a little under £73 a month for the average UK household. Very good value but a lot of potential customers are going to be scared off by this small supplier and their low customer score.

One of the reasons I created this top 10 cheapest energy deals page is so that you could see which companies offer consistently low prices over time.

With data going back to March 2020 we can see that Avro Energy has offered consistently good value, never the absolute cheapest but usually in the top 10.

March 2021 , a year later and we can see that they still offer a cheap energy deal and still manage to maintain an excellent level of customer feedback. Some suppliers can suffer from poor customer service when they offer lower prices and take on too many customers, Avro seems to have remained solid over the past year.

The larger suppliers have lost a lot of customers over the last few years to the newer smaller suppliers. Their sneaky tactics of telling existing customers they are on a good deal when they quite clearly are not and offering poor levels of customer service has meant that millions of customers have fled.

The large suppliers are trying to attract customer back with better value tariffs such as this months deal from Scottish Power costing just over £80 a month with their 'Greener Future March 2022 B1' tariff'. It is currently the cheapest 'Big Six' deal but be wary as Scottish Power still have very poor customer feedback.

February 2021

Neo EnergyNEO 4.172.94875.28
London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed jan 2021 v375.20902.40
Goto EnergyStandard Variable78.96947.52
Avro EnergySimple and SuperSwitcher79.60955.20
Utility PointJust Join UP 21 12M Fixed Wk0480.38964.56
People's EnergyPeople's Energy Fixed Loyalty Tariff Jan 2180.53966.36
Utility PointJust Up 21 Wk04 v280.94971.28
Scottish PowerSuper Saver February 2022 B280.98971.76
Pure Planet100% Green Direct 12m Fixed Jan21 v180.98971.76

This month we see two energy companies fail. Green Network Energy and Simplicity have gone under with GNE customers being moved to EDF which is not the best when it comes to customer service or price but it could have been worse for existing customers.

At least in the UK customers are protected so they won't be cut off under these circumstances and won't lose any credit balance they may have had with their former suppliers.

Talking of big 6 energy companies we see Scottish Power with a deal in the top 10 costing £80.98 a month. Don't switch to them obviously, their customer rating are nearly as bad as British Gas.

Prices seem to be leveling off as we have increases from most suppliers over the last few months. If you are coming to the end of a fixed deal then pick a fixed deal with no exit fees or a variable rate tariff which will not have any exit fees.

Pick up the cheapest short term deal with no exit fees so you can switch to a cheap fix when prices fall again in the spring or summer.

This month Goto Energy offers a good deal at £78.96 a month and as it is variable you can switch and leave again without any financial penalties. They have a good level of positive customer feedback and reviews so are one of the better suppliers.

January 2021

London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed nov 2020v172.72872.64
Neo EnergyNEO 4.172.94875.28
Utility PointJust Join UP 12M Fixed Wk52 v273.97887.64
Avro EnergySimple and SuperPremium74.38892.56
Igloo EnergyPioneer75.77909.24
Ovo EnergyBetter Smart77.11925.32

With the likes of Outfox the Market, PFP Energy and others increasing their prices this month the landscape has changed. London Power, a London only energy supplier is now the cheapest deal although nationwide we have to look to the likes of NEO, Green and Utility Point to provide us with the cheapest UK wide energy.

Last month we saw a bit of a price drop whereas this month prices have increased across the board but these gas and electricity price increases are more noticeable from the budget suppliers. If an expensive tariff increase price it's no so noticeable but when a really cheap dual fuel deal increases in price it becomes more apparent.

Green has increased its prices for its variable and 12 month fixed plans but the longer term fixed deals have remained the same price so it is looking more attractive to fix for longer on their renewable and carbon neutral gas tariffs.

Avro, Simplicity, Igloo and OVO have made an appearance in the top 10, Avro Energy being in our top 5 budget energy suppliers with excellent reviews alon with London Power and Green.

December 2020

PFP EnergyFixed - December 2021 - Green v1 Paperless68.77825.24
Outfox The MarketFix'd 20 19.069.09829.08
Utility PointJust Join UP 12M Fixed Wk4669.60835.20
Utility PointJust Join UP 12M Fixed Wk46 S69.60835.20
PFP EnergyFixed - December 2021 - Green v1 Paper Billing72.10865.20
London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed nov 2020v172.72872.64
PowershopTop Shopper 2020 Issue 372.83873.96
Neo EnergyNEO 4.172.94875.28
Shell EnergyEnergy February 2022 v473.11877.32

As we start December 2020 we see a slight overall decrease in the cost of the cheapest gas and electric deals. Last month the ten lowest price energy tariffs ranged from £69.50 to £74.35 a month for the average UK household. December sees the ten lowest price deals range from £68.77 to £73.11 a month, falling by almost a pound a month.

Whilst this might not seem significant as an additional saving of £12 over the course of a year it's important to remember these are the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs that you can switch to in the UK. Most people will be on more expensive rates so switching now means that you can lock in an even lower price for 12 months.

If you do a whole of the market energy comparison then the difference between the cheapest deal available and the most expensive is £564 over the course of a year for the average household. So by choosing any of the cheapest deals could potentially save a significant amount which means more money in your pocket of having the heating on for longer in the winter.

Some to picks include the Outfox the Market 'Fix'd 20 19.0' tariff which is a 12 month fix without exit fees so you can switch without fear of penalties should another cheaper deal come along.

Outfox has improved its customer service in the last year making it a more attractive switching option for those who rate customer service above cost. Green has consistently provided a good level of customer service and also a great choice for those looking for a greener and more ethical energy supplier.

November 2020

PFP EnergyFixed - November 2021 v1 Paperless Billing69.50834.00
Utility PointJust Join UP 12M Fixed Wk4072.11865.32
PowershopTop Shopper 2020 Issue 372.83873.96
PFP EnergyFixed - November 2021 v1 Paper Billing72.84874.08
Neo EnergyNEO 4.172.94875.28
Utility PointJust Join UP 15M Fixed Wk4074.35892.20

There have been a few changes this November 2020 with the notable loss of Outfox the Market from the top 10 (dropped down to 15) and the appearance of PFP Energy as the overall lowest priced tariff.

You may not have heard of PFP Energy but they have been around since 2015 and have started offering renewable energy (they don't have a great history with their fuel mix showing that only 8.9% of their energy comes from renewables).

Their tariff 'Fixed - November 2021 v1 Paperless Billing' would cost you £834 a year (£69.50 monthly) for a typical household.

I get the impression they are currently undergoing changes to attract new customers with their efforts to go greener and offer budget energy deals.

For low energy users the variable rate Oak tariff from is a better deal as they have lowered their daily standing charge for gas down to 10p a day but have increased the gas kWh cost.

If you translate that it means slightly cheaper energy over winter if you are a low gas usage household. However if you are a higher gas usage household, especially over the winter months you should do an online energy comparison if low cost is your primary concern.

October 2020

Avro EnergySimple and SuperConnect70.36844.32
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 14.071.62859.44
London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed sept 2020 v172.33867.96
PowershopTop Shopper 2020 Issue 372.83873.96
Neo EnergyNEO 4.172.94875.28

The 1st of October traditionally sees Ofgem announce the new price cap level for winter. The price cap is only important to you if you never compare and switch energy suppliers. It's designed to limit the amount energy companies can rip off their loyal and vulnerable customers.

So October 2020 has seen Simplicity Energy and their 2020Cabbage tariff costing £69.95 a month (just under £840 a year) top the cheapest UK energy tariff chart. The price cap puts the annual average energy bill at £1,042, still about £200 more than the best deal you can get at £840 which is why it is worth comparing and switching.

Energy company Green has three cheap renewable energy tariffs in the top 10 including one that offers carbon neutral gas. It means you can switch to a cheaper Green energy deal and save money as well as doing your bit.

There are some cheap fixed deals offering a fixed price for 12 months and no exit fees with the cheapest being offered by Avro Energy on their Simple and Superconnect tariff costing about £70 a month.

September 2020

Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.066.60799.20
GreenPalm Tree66.65799.80
Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.0 Plus66.87802.44
Igloo EnergyPioneer68.46821.49
Avro EnergySimple and SuperConnect70.36844.32
London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed aug 2020 v471.09853.08
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 14.071.62859.44
Together EnergyGreen Together Fixed July21 v472.14865.68

Energy company Green is continuing to compete against Outfox the Market as the cheapest UK energy supplier. Rather than make a big deal about it being about as cheap as Outfox for energy it continues to focus on it's green energy credentials.

Green's variable rate Palm Tree tariff costs about the same as Outfox's One Green Flex 2.0 tariff costing about £799 annually (around £66 a month). However the 12 month fixed plan from Green (the aptly named Woods tariff) is now the cheapest fixed energy deal available costing around £834 a year for the average UK household.

The Woods energy tariff from Green Energy was the 8th overall cheapest energy deal in August but is now the 5th overall cheapest energy tariff in September 2020 and the cheapest fix.

Overall this month the average tariff price for the top 10 cheapest energy deals has increased slightly. It is moving towards winter and traditionally the energy companies in the UK like to increase their prices to cash in on the increase in household energy usage as householders switch on their heating.

If you are thinking about switching now would be a good time to do so before the cheaper energy deals no longer look so cheap. Money saving expert Martin Lewis has also said the same to UK energy users although I'd like to point out I said this last month long before Martin did.

August 2020

Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.066.60799.26
Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.0 Plus66.87802.39
Avro EnergySimple and SuperGlow68.22818.61
Igloo EnergyPioneer68.46821.49
Yorkshire EnergyGreen Ribblehead - Fixed until 31st August 202168.55822.63
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 13.069.48833.79
TonikGreen SuperPower (1 Year) v8 + Free Boiler Service70.59847.13
Pure Planet100% Green 12m Fixed Jul20 v170.97851.65

In August 2020 we see Outfox the market take the top spot (and second spot) for the absolute cheapest gas and electricity in the UK. As Avro Energy replaced it's Simple and SuperFixed tariff with their Simple and SuperGlow tariff costing £39 a year more. Still cheaper than the majority of energy plans available in the UK but just enough of a price increase for Outfox the Market to creep back in to number one position as the UK's cheapest energy supplier.

Last month the cheapest energy for the average household was £779 annually or about £65 a month. This month the cheapest gas and electricity plan available is £799 a year, over £66 a month.

A trend of upward prices continues with many of the budget energy suppliers replacing their tariffs with slightly more expensive ones. For most UK customers already on a great energy deal this is not much of a concern and it still means that most households in the UK can still switch to a much cheaper deal.

July 2020

Avro EnergySimple and SuperFixed64.94779.28
Yorkshire EnergyGreen Haworth - Fixed Until 31st August 202166.11793.34
Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.066.60799.26
Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.0 Plus66.87802.39
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 12.068.18818.17
London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed june 2020 v168.26819.12
Igloo EnergyPioneer68.46821.49
TonikGreen SuperPower (1 Year) v7 + Free Boiler Service68.74824.93
Together EnergyGreen Together Fixed July2169.36832.28

For July 2020 the prices for cheap domestic gas and electricity plans have shifted upwards. Last month the top 10 best deals ranged in cost from £771.85 to £815.54 whilst this month the cheapest gas and electric deals range from £779.28 to £832.28.

Prices for gas and electricity were at their lowest in May 2020 with the cheapest tariff Yorkshire Energy Variable costing £743.23. Yorkshire Energy has withdrawn the tariff and so the following month (June 2020) 'Fix'D 20 11.0' from Outfox the Market became the cheapest at £771.85 previously being second cheapest.

Which brings us to July 2020 where we find that Outfox the Market drops its Fix'D 20 11.0 tariff to replace it with a slightly more expensive Fix'D 20 12.0 tariff costing £818.17 more than £40 more than their last fixed price deal. Now in July the cheapest domestic energy deal is from Avro Energy with their Simple and SuperFixed energy plan.

The pattern we can see happening over the last 3 months is the cheapest energy deals being dropped and being replaced with pricier tariffs.

As I mentioned last month and I reiterate again, if you want to take advantage of these 12 month fixed price energy tariffs you need to do it now. Energy companies are dropping their cheapest deals and replacing them with more expensive deals. Lock in the deals before they vanish.

Avro Energy's 'Simple and SuperFixed' is this month's cheapest energy tariff costing £779.28 a year or £64.94 a month. It's a 12 month fix and there are no exit fees so you can leave and switch to a cheaper energy provider should you find a better deal.

The pattern of cheaper deals turning up every month has stopped, energy prices are going up so now is a good time to compare energy and get a cheap 12 month fixed energy plan that doesn't tie you down.

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June 2020

Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 11.064.32771.85
Avro EnergySimple and SuperFixed64.94779.28
TonikGreen SuperPower (1 Year) v4 + Free Boiler Service65.05780.60
Yorkshire EnergyGreen Flamborough - Fixed until 31st July 202166.08793.01
Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.066.60799.26
TonikGreen Power (1 Year) v6 + Free Boiler Service67.44809.24
Together EnergyGreen Together Fixed May2167.50810.03
Green Network EnergyGNE Spring Sunrise V467.86814.27
London Powermy london fixed yearly plan 12m fixed april 2020v167.96815.54

June 2020 sees the cost of the absolute cheapest gas and electric deals increase slightly. This is mostly due to the loss of Yorkshire Energy's variable tariff. Last month the cost of energy in the top 10 ranged from £743 to £811 and this month it's £771 to £815.

Choosing any of the ten cheapest tariffs will save you money compared to the rest of the market so not a massive market wide change but important for those wanting to hold onto as much of your money as possible rather than waste it on overpaying for electricity and gas.

With the loss of 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' by default the 'Fix'D 20 11.0' from Outfox the market which was second lowest cost last month becomes June's lowest priced home energy tariff. Still the same price as last month and still a 12 month fixed deal with no exit fees and still a good deal.

We see a couple of new tariffs from Tonik energy with 'Green SuperPower (1 Year) v4 + Free Boiler Service' and 'Green Power (1 Year) v6 + Free Boiler Service' both being good value 12 month fixed priced deals which include a free boiler service from Homeserve.

ESB drops off the top 10 and we see a new tariff 'CherryBlossom' from Green (not to be confused with Green Energy) which is a green energy variable tariff. Green is a new energy company (it's actually their birthday today, happy 1st birthday Green!) having started business in 2019.

And another green energy tariff from Green Network Energy with the 'GNE Spring Sunrise V4' tariff hits the top 10 and only £3ish shy of Green's offering. It seems the cheapest and best value deals are green energy for the budget providers.

If more people in the UK realised how much they could be saving (and how much they are being overcharged) and doing their bit with green energy we'd see a lot more people switch energy providers.

May 2020

Yorkshire EnergyYorkshire Energy Variable61.94743.23
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 11.064.32771.85
Yorkshire EnergyGreen Malham – Fixed until 30th June 202164.57774.83
Avro EnergySimple and SuperFixed64.94779.28
TonikGreen Super Power (1 Year) v265.85790.18
Outfox the MarketOne Green Flex 2.066.60799.26
Outfox the MarketFIX’D 20 5.0 PLUS66.93803.17
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 5.067.25806.97
Together EnergyGreen Together Fixed May2167.50810.03
ESBBrighter Future Digital 12 v1467.60811.20

May 2020 sees Yorkshire Energy take back the top spot with their Yorkshire Energy Variable tariff by dropping their cost by nearly £30. It looks like Outfox the Market has a serious long term contender for the number one position as the UK's cheapest energy deal.

Orbit Energy has decided it is not suited to competing on price and drops out of the top 10. In fact their cheapest comparable deal at £1074 annually is their Spring Saver Feb19 tariff, a good £200 more expensive than our current position 10.

Gulf Energy also slips to position 14 with their 'Gulf Home Renewable 12 May 21 v1' tariff replacing the 'Gulf Home Renewable 12 April 21 v1' which last month was cheap enough to be the 7th cheapest UK tariff. It seems struggling to compete with the likes of Outfox and Yorkshire.

Outfox the market has proved to be a consistent budget energy supplier and this month they have 4 tariffs in the top 10 (up from 3 last month). Although Yorkshire Energy knocked them off the top spot for cheapest overall supplier Outfox the Market's 'Fix'D 20 11.0' comes in as the cheapest 12 month fixed energy deal and it has no early exit fees.

The Yorkshire Energy Green Malham – Fixed until 30th June 2021 tariff comes third just a few pounds more expensive than Outfox's fixed deal. May 2020 certainly sees Yorkshire sees them solidifying their position as a no nonsense budget gas and electric supplier.

Together Energy and ESB Energy both scraped in to fill positions 9 and 10 with their 12 month fixed deals. Both the Green Together Fixed May21 and Brighter Future Digital 12 v14 tariffs come in at practically the same price. However being around £40 more expensive and both having £30 per fuel exits fees they don't offer a good a deal as Outfox and Yorkshire.

April 2020

Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 9.063.80765.55
TonikGreen Super Power (1 Year) v164.28771.39
Yorkshire EnergyYorkshire Energy Variable64.31771.69
Yorkshire EnergyGreen Ilkley - Fixed Until 31st May 202164.32771.79
Orbit EnergyVari-Save Extra64.44773.28
Avro EnergySimple and SuperFixed64.94779.28
Gulf EnergyGulf Home Renewable 12 April 21 v165.92791.00
Outfox the MarketFix'd 20 4.0 PLUS66.11793.37
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 5.067.25806.97
TonikGreen Power (1 Year) v467.92815.01

Outfox the Market has retaken the top spot for the cheapest energy provider for April 2020 with the release of another even cheaper version of their popular Fix'd 20 tariffs. This month it's Outfox the Market's 'Fix'D 20 9.0' coming in at a record low of £63.80 per month for the average gas and electricity user. That totals a very reasonable £765.55 for a year being one of the cheapest fixed energy deals I have seen in a long time.

Due to Outfox undercutting the market to be the budget energy provider the top ten cheapest deals are now just over £4 a month difference between the top 10, a little up from last month.

Don't forget we are just covering the absolute lowest cost tariffs here so the difference between the budget end of the market will always be minimal. If you pick any one of our top 10 you are guaranteed to be paying less if you haven't switched in the last 12 months.

The shocking truth is that at the extreme end of the market where energy is ridiculously overpriced (remember all the gas and electric is the same no matter who supplies it) you could be paying as much as £59.75 more per month. That means if you were on the most expensive tariff this month your monthly bill would be £123.55 per month compared to the cheapest at £63.80. That means their are customers out there needlessly paying double for their energy.

A mention should also go to Birmingham based Tonik Energy this month as they have the second best deal with the 'Green Super Power (1 Year) v1' costing £64.28 a month or £771.39 a year. Tonik Energy offers green energy including green electricity, green gas and carbon offsetting although not on all of their tariffs.

March 2020

Yorkshire EnergyYorkshire Energy Variable64.31771.69
Orbit EnergyVari-Save Extra64.44773.28
Utility PointJust Up 20 Wk06 Direct v264.61775.35
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 4.064.70776.36
Gulf EnergyGulf Home Renewable 12 March 21 v364.83778.02
Avro EnergySimple and SuperFixed64.94779.28
Yorkshire EnergyGreen Whitby - Fixed until 31st March 202166.02792.29
Peoples Energy People's Energy 2 Months Upfront Winter 20 v366.22794.68
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 5.067.25806.97
Outfox the MarketFix'D 20 2.0 PLUS67.77813.23

For March 2020 the cheapest overall tariff is from Leeds based Yorkshire Energy with their 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' tariff. The average energy user would pay £771.69 annually for their gas and electricity, the equivalent of £64.31 per month.

The best electric and gas supplier for cost is generally the smaller suppliers. The average monthly cost between the low cost suppliers tends to be very close. This month is no different with all the top 10's cheapest companies being less than £4 per month difference in cost between them.

Yorkshire Energy also have a fixed deal as the 7th cheapest tariff at £792.29 a year or £66.02 a month with their 'Green Whitby - Fixed until 31st March 2021' if you are looking for the certainty of a 12 month fixed price.

Outfox the market usually has a couple of cheap energy deals on the go every month and this month they have no less than three fixed tariffs in the top 10 best gas and electricity deals. I know they had a bad rep in the past as I was once a customer who left when they started changing their monthly direct debit payments to higher in the winter and lower in the summer.

How to get the best energy deal

Looking through the list of energy suppliers you are unlikely to see any of the Big six like British Gas or many of the middle tier providers such as Bulb Energy showing up in the list of the UK's lowest cost energy companies.

People generally stick with big name companies even though they will end up paying more and even though their supply of gas and electric will remain unaffected if they switched to a lower cost supplier. Its only the electricity prices and gas prices individual companies charge that change.

Fear plays a big part in people's inability to find the best energy deals. This enertia coupled with a lack of knowledge about how to compare energy or who has the cheapest energy prices means that most of us in the UK end up paying more than they actually need to. Unfortunately some of us end up paying through the nose for a commodity that is the same no matter who you buy it from. The only thing that changes is the name of the company you are paying for your energy.

Fear of poor customer service and poor reviews

Maybe you've read some bad reviews of one of the smaller energy companies and decided against switching to them. Poor customer reviews and feedback can put people off of getting a good deal and cheaper energy bills.

Even with bad reviews a majority of any energy companies customers will not experience any problems.

Even I admit to switching from Outfox the Market to People's Energy due to issues Outfox had in the past. I ended up on a more expensive tariff but I did so as People's energy had a good ethos and stated they'd pay profits back to customers. If I had remained with Outfox the Market I wouldn't have been unduly affected by the changes they were making but the fact of the perceived disruption and problems.

Outfox the market received a lot of bad feedback due to their poor management and at one point the media were speculating they were about to fold. Fast forward several years and they now consistently offer some of the cheapest energy deals and always have a tariff in the top 10.

I'm not advocating that you switch to Outfox and I don't think their ethos is that great but they do offer cheap energy for those who just want a good deal on their energy. It's important that you do a price comparison of all the energy providers using an energy price comparison site, at least to see how much you could potentially be saving