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You probably don't go out of your way to find a great low cost energy deal but there are great savings with cheap gas and electricity offers that come and go everyday. If a home energy switch was on offer that could save you hundreds of pounds you'd at least want to know about it right?

Energy suppliers often release cut price tariffs in order to attract new customers. These fixed term cheap energy deals are often great value as they are used to undercut their competitors. Energy providers know that they can reel you in with cheap energy knowing that after your deal comes to an end there's a good chance that you will stay with them.

You can take advantage of this by switching to these great value tariffs to slash the cost of your gas and electric. The problem is that these special deals are never around for long. Once they have filled their quota they withdraw the tariff from the market and when its gone it's gone.

As I spend a lot of time following the energy companies and their tariffs it occurred to me that why not offer a service to alert you guys when a great deal comes along and then email you with the deal so you can take a look.

I'm not charging anything for these cheap energy alerts and it won't cost you anything to check them out and if you don't like the deal then nothing lost.

These email alerts won't be sent out very often so you won't be bombarded with unwanted emails.

The great thing about many of these deals is that there are no strings, no early exit fees so if another even better deal comes along in 6 months time you can switch and save again without any consequences.