Best Dual Fuel Deals

As an energy customer there are companies that offer a dual fuel discount if you have both your gas and electricity supply from the same provider. The discount you get is usually small compared to the amount you pay overall.

If you are looking to switch to the best dual fuel deals then the dual fuel discount is going to be insignificant compared to the amount you can save by selecting the cheapest dual fuel tariffs available in your region and for your level of energy consumption.

Finding a cheaper gas and electricity deal doesn't mean you have to switch to an energy provider you have never heard off or a supplier with poor online reviews. Although not the cheapest energy suppliers the big 6 have in the past offered good value dual fuel tariffs.

Here at Safe Energy Switch we've seen some lower priced dual fuel deals from the UK's biggest energy company British Gas and their new lower cost supplier British Gas Evolve.

What is dual fuel energy?

Dual fuel energy is where you have your gas and electricity supplied by the same energy company. You can have gas from one supplier and electric from another or you may be an electric only household as with some flats with economy 7 heating.

As mentioned earlier many utilities offer a discount for switching both your electric and gas supply to them. However the discount on offer is usually only minimal compared to the amount most households spend over the course of a year on their energy.

Dual fuel energy tariffs are where you get your electricity and gas from the same supplier. They are popular as it is easier and less hassle than managing your gas and electricity supply separately.

Dual fuel comparison

Comparing energy providers is the only way to find the best deal. It is also the most convenient and least time intense way to compare all of the dual fuel tariffs available.

An energy comparison is done online and allows you to compare the market for the best deal for your situation. It will show you the cheapest overall dual fuel energy rates based on your requirements.

Energy prices in the UK vary depending on several factors. Some of these variables are out of your control such as the difference in cost based on where you live. The reason for this regional difference and the reason energy comparison sites ask for your postcode is that prices are based on which region you live in.

Other factors are in your control and can make a significant difference to how much you are charged for your energy. Paying by direct debit rather than opting to pay on receipt of a bill. As an illustration the cheapest direct debit dual fuel tariff would cost you about £834 (PFP Energy's 'Fixed - November 2021 v1 Paperless Billing' tariff) for the average household. If you paid on receipt of a bill the cheapest dual fuel deal would cost about £875 (NEO Energy's 'NEO 4.1' tariff), a £41 difference.

Dual fuel comparison sites

In the UK there are a number of dual fuel comparison websites that will compare dual fuel prices based on your requirements with the current tariffs available from energy providers.

Whilst all comparison sites essentially do the same job the results you get from your energy comparison will vary depending on which site you use. The list of dual fuel comparison websites I mentioned earlier has a list of the Ofgem accredited comparison tools and talks about the non accredited sites.

On that page I've shown which comparison site comes up with the best tariff for customers for both their whole of the market comparison and their switchable tariffs where they can handle the switching process for you.

Compare energy and switch to reduce your energy bill. Home energy comparison sites can save customers £248 to £497 based on claims by the comparison services .

Cheapest dual fuel tariffs

At Safe Energy Switch we compare dual fuel tariffs and regularly publish a list of the current cheapest dual fuel tariffs and maintain an ongoing list of best dual fuel prices historically. It makes it easier to see over time which energy companies regularly release the best energy deals.

The cheapest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK tend to be the smaller energy providers. Over the course of 2020 the lowest priced energy could be had from the likes of Outfox the Market, Utility Point, Avro Energy, Tonik Energy, Simplicity and Green Supplier Ltd to name a few. So you can see there are plenty of low cost suppliers to choose from.

So if you want to pay less for your energy you'll need to get your dual fuel tariff from one of the smaller providers. If switching to a smaller energy company concerns you, even if they have great reviews and customer feedback then British Gas and now it's sibling British Gas Evolve can sometimes have lower costing dual fuel tariffs.

Other big 6 suppliers can sometimes have deals at a lower cost than their usual offerings but they are often few and far between. A big six energy company has never had any of its dual fuel tariffs in our top 10 cheapest deals.

Best dual fuel deals for pensioners

Unfortunately there are no special OAP discounts and what is even more unfortunate is that it tends to be the older consumer who is not benefitting from deals from the smaller energy companies. The older we get the more cautious we tend to be. Pair this with less familiarity of technology means that millions in the UK stick with expensive energy tariffs when this is the group that stands to save the most.

According to Energy Helpline the top 10% of energy switchers saved a minimum of £497 by switching energy to a better deal between November 2019 and April 2020.

A study by the university of Cambridge energy policy research group found that consumers were not switching because they thought it would be too much trouble and did not see the benefits of changing providers.

The fact is that most people can save a significant amount by switching to a cheaper dual fuel energy deal. Try doing a free online energy comparison that takes about 5 minutes to do by answering a few questions about your gas and electricity. Switching is straightforward with comparison services taking care of the switching process for you.

Dual fuel discounts

Many UK energy companies offer a dual fuel discount if you choose to switch both your gas and electricity supply to them. Overall these discounts are minimal compared to the overall cost but they can be worth having unless you can find a better deal by having your gas with one supplier and your electricity with another.

Generally dual fuel tariffs mean less hassle than having to deal with two separate energy companies compared to the amount you could potentially save.

if you want to discount your energy bills further you'd be better off paying by monthly direct debit and going paperless. Gas and electricity supplier PFP Energy offer a £7.50 dual fuel discount. However you would pay £50 less by paying by direct debit and £40 by going paperless if you had both electricity and gas with them.