Why Safe Energy Switch?

The UK domestic Energy market has become more competitive but more complicated. Competition was meant to reduce prices for consumers but still only 19% (Ofgem July '17 to June '18 data) of households compare energy tariffs to see if they can get a cheaper deal.

Near the end of 2018 there were around 70 energy companies, we have seen many new companies establish and around 10 energy companies fail.

Allan Burns @ Safe energy switch

Hi, I'm Allan Burns the creator of Safe Energy Switch. I set up this site at the start of 2019 in order to help people find a better gas and electricity deal.

The Big 6 energy companies on average charge more due to their higher overheads and the newer smaller providers are being accused of undercutting the market.

Consumers do not like the Big 6 but stick with them because they fear change. Many of the smaller companies have poor third party feedback.

This doesn't make for an attractive energy market for British consumers. Confusion, fear and frustration means that a majority of consumers are probably overpaying.

A good place to start is with the energy supplier reviews where you can find out which companies perform well over time. Or jump straight in and find out who are the current cheapest suppliers.

Providing unbiased informative information to energy consumers

Safe Energy Switch was established to help demystify the market, provide facts and explain how consumers can reduce their utility bills.

We are different in that we are the only website in the UK that is focussed on how consumers can reduce gas and electric bills.

Comparing tariffs

Energy comparison sites have existed for many years and allow consumers to compare tariffs across many energy providers. However you may have noticed that if you perform the same comparison across the different services you often get a different quote.

We have tried this ourselves and found exactly this. To keep it simpler and easier for consumers we only recommend Energyhelpline who provide access to the widest range of tariffs (some 20,000) and work with and are trusted by Ofgem.

I have also personally spoken to representatives at Energyhelpline and have been more than forthright in explaining their part in the market.

Automatic Energy Switching

Since about 2016 a new type of energy comparison service has hit the market, the so called auto energy switch services. These provide a similar service to straight comparison sites but automatically switch you to the new cheaper provider.

The idea behind this new type of service is that it takes the hassle out of you having to manually compare. You however in theory compromise on price as you will not get as wide a search as most auto energy switching companies rely on switching you to an energy company that offers a commission.

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