The average electric bill in the UK

Based on Ofgem official figures for average electric usage in the UK your electric bill would be £612 per year. That's based on 2018 usage figures and the data is pulled from the Big six UK energy suppliers who provide Ofgem with this data to make their calculations.

What the figures do not tell you is how much you are overpaying for your electric. Electrcity bills have fallen for but only for consumers that compare energy to switch to a cheaper electricity supplier. If you want to reduce the amount you are currently paying for your electricity and gas then read on. I will explain how to easily reduce your energy bills by comparing the energy market.

What is the average electricity bill cost per month?

So based on our official spend on electricity per year at £612 you would be paying £51 per month. These figures are based on the average home in the UK which according to LABC Warranty is a 3 bedroom house.

How much are electricity bills in the UK?

The average UK electric bill figure is based on the average household which is a 3 bedroomed house. The electric part of your energy bill will not be affected as much by the size of your home if you have gas heating.

Expect to pay between £27 and £40 a month for electric in a typical 3 bed house.

Gas bills vary significantly in the UK as gas is used for heating and hot water so the size of the property and number of occupants will drastically change how much you pay on your bill for gas.

Your electric bill will however be less impacted by property size as most households do not use electricity for heating or hot water. However there will be a significant difference if you live in an electric only property and have no gas supply. This is typically true for flats that have electric storage heating and an electric immersion heater for hot water.

The best energy deals can be had from energy providers when you pay by direct debit.

Average Electricity bill for a 3 bed house

If you live in a typical 3 bedroomed home in the UK you are likely to be a dual fuel customer meaning you have both a gas and electric supply. Take a look at our data based on real current electric tariffs for more detailed (and realistic) figures for the average electric bill for a 3 bed house.

Based on current UK real world figures for the cheapest energy prices you should be paying about £27 a month or around £330 a year for your electricity. These are real figures taken from the 10 cheapest energy companies. They are taken from the best available tariffs based on the average 3 bed household using 3,100kWh of electricity per year.

If you are a Big 6 customer and were on the cheapest available tariff from the likes of British Gas, EDF energy, E-on, Scottish Power, N Power or SSE Southern Electric you would be paying between £30 to £40 a month compared to £27 with of the top 10 cheap gas and electric deals.

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Average Electricity bill for a 1 bed flat

The electric bill for a flat is likely to be higher than the electric bill for a house as many flats in the UK tend to be electric only. Getting the best electric deals will depend on you switching to a tariff that matches your usage.

Expect to pay between £29 and £43 a month for electric in a typical 1 bed electric only flat.

The electric bill for a 1 bed flat is between £29 and £43 based on a single adult occupant in a small 1 bed flat using 2,400 kWh of electricity per year. Most electric only customers would benefit from being on an Economy 7 tariff especially if they have night time electric storage heaters and they have set their immersion heater to heat their water using the cheaper night time tariff.

If you use more electric, have a larger flat such as a 2 or 3 bed flat with multiple adult occupants then the average electricity bill for a larger property would of course be more. Take a look at the average electric bills for flats to find out how much you should and could be paying.

How much does electricity cost in the UK?

The combination of falling electricity prices and greater competition in the energy marketmeans that you stand to save more by switching to a cheaper energy provider. Over the course of a year (2019 to 2020) if you switched to stay on the cheapest energy tariff you would have still managed to reduce your gas and electric bill by around £120. So those who actively seek out the best deals were still able to save money.

Most energy customers in the UK either do not switch at all or are not switching to the best gas and electric deals available. If you haven't switched energy companies in more than a year you gain to save the most. Typical savings for you are in the region of £300 for the average household. If you are a heavier energy user you would save more than £300 if you compared and switched.

How to compare utility bills

If you think your electric bill is too high or you are paying too much or you think your bill is more than the average UK electric bill then there is a quick way to check. You can compare energy yourself to get an exact figure and see how much you could be saving by switching.

The reason your utility bill has gone up could be because your current energy supplier has increased your cost per kWh for electric or you have been moved onto an expensive default tariff as you current fixed energy deal has come to an end. By using an energy comparison site to compare what you are currently paying you can see if you are paying too much.