What's My Average Gas and Electricity Usage in kWh

See if you are using more gas and electric than the average based on the number of adults in the property and the number of bedrooms.

How it works

Firstly click or tap on the number of adults (not children) in your household, from left to right you can select from 1 to 5 adults. The icons will light up to indicate the number of adults you have selected. If you tap or click on the wrong one just tap on the correct one to change it.

Do the same for the number of bedrooms only (not normal rooms like kitchen and living room). Again the icons will light up to indicate the number of bedrooms you have selected.

Finally click on the button to do the calculations.

How Many Adults Live in the Property?

How Many Bedrooms in the Property?

The data is based on Ofgem figures for calculating the average usage of Gas in kWh and electricity in kWh. The figures reflect the typical usage in the UK andare more accurate than using just the standard figures based on the average household.

How much is gas and electric per month?

How much you pay typically depends on the size of your property, the number of adults in the property and how frugal you are with your energy usage. For the typicial household in the UK the average gas and electric bill per month works out to about £100 per month. That's an average according to OFGEM based on you paying a fixed monthly direct debit amount.

How much does gas and electric cost?

Most tariffs are made up of a standing charge and a unit cost for each kWh of gas or electricity that you use. Standing charges are usually calculated daily and you pay this no matter how much energy you use.

Let's look at People's Energy as an example. At the time of writing they are charging 21.2 pence plus VAT per day for electricity and 21.2 pence plus VAT per day for gas. If you were and all electric household you would just pay the daily electric standing charge.

So this means that you would pay around £6.45 plus VAT per month for gas and the same again for electric before you have even switched on the kettle or the heating.

The unit cost is how much you pay for each unit of energy. Looking at People's Energy the current cost for there most popular tariff is 13.64 pence per kWh for electricity so just under 14p per unit. For gas they charge 3.04 pence per kWh which is just over 3p per unit.

How much should gas and electric cost per month?

As we mentioned earlier the average electricity bill for a 3 bedroom house is about a hundred pounds a month for their energy. Obviously the larger your home the more space there is to heat so the higher your bills will be. Conversely, the smaller the property the lower the bills.