Energy comparison sites

Here you can find out which are the best comparison sites for energy usage to help find you the cheapest gas and electricity prices from UK suppliers. Not only that but we explain how to get the absolute lowest price possible using this tip that the comparison sites don't want you to know about.

List of comparison sites for energy

Below you can find our list of Ofgem accredited domestic energy comparison sites showing which offered the cheapest switchable tariff and the cheapest whole of market comparison.

Whole of

Energy comparison sites, which is best?

There are several factors that make one comparison service better than another. Firstly and most importantly, if cost is the biggest factor is the size of their database.

The larger the database the better as it means you will be comparing against more tariffs which means a better chance of finding the lowest cost gas and electric.

A big database however is no good unless you keep it up to date, if it is out of date the prices will not be accurate. All the sites we tested had their databases updated the day of the test.

Switchable tariffs and whole of market comparisons

Now here's the secret to getting the best deal possible. Comparison sites make their money by switching you to a cheaper utility so by default they only show you tariffs that they can help you switch to.

There will usually be slightly cheaper tariffs available but in order to see these in the comparison you will need to click the button to view the whole of the market.

If you find a tariff that is cheaper or that you like the look of you will need to visit the energy companies website directly in order to switch to them. The energy comparison websites will not help you switch to these tariffs as they do not get any commission for doing so.

How we did the comparison

The comparison was made on November 27th 2019 and used Ofgem average usage figures of 3,100 kWh for electricity usage and 12,000 kWh for gas usage over the course of a year.

Energy comparison websites require a certain amount of information to be entered in order for them to make an accurate comparison.

In order for a fair comparison between the sites we used the same criteria throughout including giving a postcode so that the region could be identified. In the UK costs are based partly on what part of the country you live in so someone at one end of the UK may get a different quote even though their energy usage is identical.

How do I compare energy providers?

Whilst you could visit individual suppliers websites and enter you details to compare against your current supplier it would take ages to do this manually. We do have a list of energy suppliers where each supplier is rated.

Using a utility comparison website saves you the hassle and allows you to compare all of the energy providers tariffs at once.

Each has its own database of supplier tariffs that it keeps up to date to enable you to compare the tariff you are on with all the other energy tariffs in order to show you cheaper gas and electricity suppliers.

What about auto switching energy comparison sites?

If you're not the type of person who enjoys comparing tariffs, I mean who doesn't, then an autoswitch energy comparison site may be for you.

Autoswitching compares all the tariffs for you and then switches if it finds you a better deal. The difference with an auto switch versus a straight energy comparison is that the former continually compares and automatically switches you forever or until you cancel the service.