Compare the Market Energy Comparison Review

Comparing the energy market is the only practical way of finding a cheaper energy deal without resorting to getting a quote from each gas and electricity supplier individually.

Compare the Market is a brand name you probably recognise from the adverts or at least you will be aware of the Meerkat characters Aleksandr and Sergei and Sergei's alter ego AutoSergei.

What we want to know is, how well does Compare the Markets gas and electricity energy comparison service compare to other energy comparison websites?

How to compare the energy comparison sites

The way we do a like for like comparison is perform the same gas and electric comparison between Compare the Market and the current leading comparison service, EnergyHelpline.

We used our standard metrics which is taking a typical UK household (3 bed semi) in the Eastern region which has an annual electricity usage of 3,100 kWh and a yearly gas consumption of 12,000 kWh.

These metrics are used for all of our comparison so we can carry out our monthly checks on who the cheapest gas and electric supplier is.

So we want to know if using one energy comparison site over another will save us more? We only do the standard comparison to compare the energy suppliers that the comparison service can switch you to.

Most customers looking for a better energy deal will not have the time or inclination to make further comparisons and switch directly with the supplier but use the switching service to do this on their behalf. I guess people have better things to do and just want to switch and lower their monthly bills.

Comparison results

compare the market energy

We did the comparison in September 2020 which incidentally saw an increase in energy prices amongst the cheapest energy providers.

The results as you can see from the screenshot above shows the best energy deal on offer from Compare the Market was from Shell Energy with their Energy January 2022 tariff.

The Shell Energy fixed deal would cost the average household £75.32 a month, about £904 annually.

compare the market vs energy helpline

The same comparison on the Energy Helpline website results in a cheaper tariff from Pure Planet costing £74.45 a month or about £893 a year with their 100% Green 12m Fixed Sep20 v1 tariff.

The second cheapest deal from Energy Helpline is also cheaper than Compare the Market with a fixed deal from Green Network Energy costing £75.15 a month with the GNE Summer Sizzler V9 tariff.

The third cheapest energy tariff is then the Shell Energy deal offered as the cheapest on the Compare the Market Energy comparison website.

Compare the Market Review

From our comparison we found that Energy Helpline compares more energy suppliers than Compare the Market. If you are using compare the market to find the lowest energy prices, then lower priced tariffs are on the Energy Helpline energy comparison website.

Energy Helpline compares more suppliers than Compare the Market making it a more effective energy comparison site for lowering energy bills.

If you are doing an energy comparison then using a comparison service that compares more energy providers from the market increases your chance of finding a cheaper gas and electricity deal.

Whilst Compare the Market is a good site to use to enable you to compare energy prices from the different utilities it just doesn't have as extensive a panel that includes every energy provider they could.

Energy Helpline includes Pure Planet and Green Network Energy in its panel whereas Compare the Market does not and both Pure Planet and Green Network Energy are energy companies that could clearly offer householders a better energy deal.

Energy comparison sites are a timesaving tool that allows you to compare the gas and electricity prices of lots of energy companies at once, much like comparing car insurance.

You can try an energy comparison now to see how much you could save.

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