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Best UK Energy Suppliers

So which company is the best energy supplier in the UK at the moment? The Safe Energy Switch list of British energy companies is an aggregated list based on reviews from Google, Citizens Advice and Trustpilot.

We've taken reviews from the best and most trusted resources on the internet and aggregated the data to produce our own unique score.

The best energy supplier rating is a combination of ratings from Google (1 to 5), Trustpilot (Up to 10) and Citizens Advice (out of 5) for UK energy suppliers. We combined these scores and adjusted them to take into account any sources that have not yet reviewed a particular energy company to produce our aggregated score.

Best Energy Suppliers of 2019

Energy SupplierAggregated Score
Octopus Energy10.25
So Energy9.98
Igloo Energy9.83
Green Energy UK9.67
Bulb Energy9.35
Bristol Energy8.42
Tonik Energy8.12
Utility Warehouse8.08
EDF Energy8.07
Shell Energy (formerly First Utility)8
Robin Hood Energy7.78
iSupply Energy7.63
Green Network Energy7.57
British Gas7.5
OVO Energy7.07
Pure Planet6.87
First Utility6.8
Good Energy6.6
Flow Energy6.57
Utility Point6.53
E (Gas and Electricity)5.32
Co-operative Energy5.28
PFP Energy4.98
Scottish Power4.7
Together Energy4.62
Green Star Energy4.43
E.ON Energy4.4
TOTO Energy4.38
Outfox the Market3.25
GB Energy Supply1.87

Energy comparison sites can only compare the prices energy companies charge, they cannot tell you if the company has a good track record with customers.

With the rapid increase in the number of gas and electricity suppliers in the UK it is difficult to know if these new companies are a bunch of cowboys or are genuinely offer a better price and a better service.

energy switching tip Octopus Energy top the charts as best for overall customer service followed by So Energy and Igloo Energy.

Big Six Energy Suppliers

It may or may not come as a surprise to discover that none of the Big 6 energy suppliers in the UK made it into the top 10 of Safe Energy Switch's aggregated score or in the Which Energy companies customer satisfaction survey.

The Best Energy Supplier is Octopus Energy

As of April 2019 customers voted Octopus energy the best UK energy supplier who incidentally also won the Which energy companies satisfaction survey 2019. They are not the absolute cheapest supplier of gas and electric but based on customer feedback offer a fair price and treat customers well.

which best energy suppliers

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In the top 5 were So Energy, Igloo Energy, Green Energy UK and Bulb. So Energy also came second in the Which survey and Bulb Energy was in their top 10. Igloo and Green Energy UK were not included in the Which survey.

The best Green Energy Supplier is Green Energy UK. Other suppliers offer 100% green electricity but Green Energy UK position themselves as a green supplier as they also supply 100% green gas.

How Accurate are Utility Customer Reviews

The Safe Energy Switch aggregated review is the only comprehensive energy supplier review that takes into account 3 trusted sources for reviews.

You should only use customer reviews as a guide. We've saved you time by bringing all the reviews into one easy to read and understand table. Most reviews you see elsewhere are just copied and pasted directly from other sources and never updated.

Our data uses trusted sources for reviews and we use an equation to adjust and compensate to be able to compare the scores fairly. We've tested the results and gives a more realistic comparison between energy suppliers.

Use this data along with energy price comparisons to get cheaper gas and electric but balance this with a reliable energy supplier that will give better customer service.

As a final note I'd say reviews are not the be all and end all. I'm currently with People's Energy and they are currently not in the list, we need more data from consumers first. However currently they would score mediocre and they are not currently the absolute cheapest supplier but they offer a good deal and have been great so far. So keep in mind abolute lowest price or high score reviews do not show the complete picture.