So Energy

so energy

One of the newer energy suppliers in the UK So Energy promises to keep their prices as competitive as possible. Overall they are reasonably priced. Their energy prices are cheaper than the likes of Bulb or Octopus Energy but not as cheap as the likes of Outfox the Market, Green or Avro Energy.

As with many of the newer energy companies they are aiming to make energy less complicated by offering fewer options. They tend to be cheaper than the Big Six energy companies in the UK as they tend to encourage customers to use the app or website, have paperless billing and use technology to reduce costs that they can then pass onto customers.

Who owns So Energy?

School friends Simon Oscroft and Charles Davies own and run British energy firm So Energy which was launched in 2015.

So Energy reviews

As far as reviews of So Energy go they have so above average positive feedback and do genuinely appear to care about their customers. Trustpilots So Energy rating is at the time of writing 4.8 out of 5 over 4,744 reviews. Google rating for So Energy also similarly reflect this with 4.4 out of 5 with 226 reviews.

I spoke to a retired couple who had switched to So Energy. They had looked at several energy providers but So Energy was the only one that would allow them to keep their old economy 7 meter and not get a new Smart Meter. They also allowed the customer to switch to a cheaper single tariff rate and just combine the day and night meter readings on their old meter.

They admitted that there were cheaper energy suppliers but as So Energy were willing to listen to them and bend over backwards to help they have stuck with So Energy for the past 3 years. They do renew to the suppliers cheapest 12 month fixed tariff every year to avoid being rolled onto the suppliers standard variable rate.

So Energy tariffs

Month price checked Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Monthly Cost
August 2020 So Aubergine 22.05 15.49 22.05 2.47 -
August 2020 So Aubergine Essential 22.05 14.25 22.05 2.29 -
February 2021 So Carrot 22.63 17.15 26.07 2.90 £88.08
February 2021 So Carrot Essential 22.05 15.980 22.05 2.90 £83.70

Although So Energy state they only have one fixed tariff (So Aubergine) there is another tariff available only through energy comparison sites. At the time of writing the current tariff is 'So Aubergine Essential - Green - Seasonal Payments' which is actually cheaper than switching with So Energy direct.

As you can see from the above tariff table switching via an energy comparison site means that you get an even bigger saving.

The table shows the unit kWh price for gas and electricity is actually less if you switch via a comparison website rather than doing the switch on So Energy's own website. Gas is shown at 2.29p per kWh, cheaper than the 2.47p per kWh you get switching direct. Electricity is only 14.25p per kWh, more than a penny cheaper per kilowatt hour compared on a comparison site compared to So's 15.49p per kWh.

If you are thinking of switching to So Energy then if you compare and switch here, the average UK household can save an extra £61 a year compared to switching direct with the So Energy website.

So Carrot

The 'So Carrot' tariff is available only from the So Energy website. Prices have increased since October 2020 due to increases in the gas and electricity wholesale price so the average monthly household cost for a dual fuel customer would be around £88 a month.

So Energy has an 'Essential' version of their tariffs that are exclusive to energy comparison websites that are the same tariff but cheaper. The So Carrot Essential tariff is exactly the same as the So Carrot tariff from their website except the price per kWh for electricity is about a penny cheaper.

If you switched via an energy comparison site a typical household would only pay £83.70 a month for this dual fuel tariff compared to £88 a month that they charge on their own website.