Green gas and electricity tariffs

Green formed in 2019 so is a relatively new UK energy supplier that supplies green renewable energy at budget prices. One of the most popular tariffs was their no exit fee Green Oak tariff although this is no longer available. Their focus is clean energy and using cutting edge technology to keep costs down and pass them onto the customer.

Green ( based in Newcastle Upon Tyne is not connected with other similarly sounding green energy suppliers such as Green Energy UK and Green Network Energy. Green offers 100% renewable electricity on all of their tariffs and the option of 100% carbon offset gas. They offer a good balance between green energy and cost.

For each kWh our customers use, we put back into the grid. We have to purchase REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin) and RGGO for our Electricity and Gas.

Green was our choice for best green budget energy supplier being cheaper than Octopus and Bulb. The Greenest budget tariff Green has is their Birch tariff which is 100% renewable gas and electricity costing £876 a year (£73 a month).

Green tariff details

Tariff Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
Cherry Blossom 14.00 13.691 12.00 2.437
Birch 16.00 12.800 12.00 3.093
Sturgeon 18.00 13.991 18.00 2.687
Ferraris 20.00 14.625 20.00 2.608
Morse 25.00 16.897 25.00 2.962

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Cherry Blossom

Green's 'Cherry Blossom' is their variable rate tariff and Green's cheapest energy tariff based on our comparison costing £68 a month or £816 a year. The Green Cherry Blossom tariff is the UK's 8th cheapest overall tariff in our monthly cheap gas and electric comparison for June 2020.

It is a variable rate tariff supplying renewable electricity which is now overwhelmingly the cheapest type of energy tariff and far cheaper than comparative dirty energy tariffs. There are slightly cheaper green energy suppliers so if you wanted renewable electric and pay even less you could get an energy deal about £30 to £40 less a year with the likes of Tonik, Yorkshire Energy and Outfox the Market.

However if you did snaggle this low cost energy deal you would be saving a considerable amount with this being one of the top 10 cheapest tariffs.


The Green Birch tariff is the variable rate carbon neutral gas tariff, essentially the same as the Cherry Blossom but with offset gas as well as green electric. The cost of Green's Birch tariff is £73 a month or £876 a year which is about £60 extra a year to have your gas offset.

In relation to our Gas for our Birch tariff, we buy Carbon Neutral certificates from around the UK and the world which certify 1 tonne of CO2 has been stopped from entering the environment. As we know precisely the amount CO2 1 kWh of Natural Gas produces when burnt we then can calculate how many Carbon Neutral certificates we need to buy to offset this.

Although this tariff is more expensive than our top 10 cheapest gas and electricity deals it is the best value 'green' tariff coming out as the best budget green tariff is our best green energy supplier comparison.


If you are after a 12 month fixed price deal then the Green Sturgeon tariff is a 1 year fix but there is a £36 per fuel early exit fee should you decide to switch again before the year's contract is up. This is one of the reasons you need to do a domestic energy comparison to make sure any fixed deal is the best you are going to get before committing.

Green's Sturgeon 12 month fix costs £888 a year (£74 a month) and whilst is at the cheaper end of the market there are several other 1 year fix green tariffs where you could save around £100 more.


The Ferraris tariff from Green is their 24 month (2 year) fixed tariff costing £924 a year (£77 a month). It's the same as their 1 year Sturgeon fix but will cost £36 a year more to fix for longer. Both domestic and business tariffs are usually more expensive the longer you fix them for. Getting a fixed priced tariff means you have the certainty of knowing that the price you are being charged for each kWh of gas and electricity will stay the same.


The Green Morse tariff extends the fix period an extra 12 months taking up to a 3 year fixed gas and electricity tariff. It will cost you £1,068 a year or £89 a month which is £15 a month more than their 1 year fix and £12 more per month than their 2 year fix.