Who Supplies my Electricity?

You may have moved into a new property or moved to a new part of the country and the previous occupants did not let you know who your energy supplier is. You may be moving into a new property and don't know who supplies your gas or electricity.

energy switching tip Below you can discover exactly how to find out who supplies your electricity and your gas.

Every home has an electricity meter with a unique electricity supply number, a 13 digit number or Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) which you can provide to your Regional Electricity Distributor to identify who supplies your electricity. So who supplies electricity to my house?

How to find out who supplies my electricity

The current electricity supplier, the company the MPAN meter is associated with, is the energy company the bills are paid to.

Use the table below to identify your region to get the correct number to call to find out the properties current electricity supplier. I have also included a link to the specific page on the internet for each distributor where you can look up your electricity supplier online.

Who is my Electricity Distributor?

Region Distributor Telephone Website
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Shropshire & North Wales SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300 Check
Yorkshire Northern Powergrid 0845 070 7172 Check
London UK Power Networks 0845 6015 467 Check
South East England UK Power Networks 0845 6015 467 Check
South West England, South Wales, West & East Midlands Western Power Distribution 0845 6015 972 Check
South England SSE Power Distribution 0845 0262 554 Check
Eastern England UK Power Networks 0845 6015 467 Check
North West England Electricity North West 0870 7510 093 Check
North East England Northern Powergrid 0845 6013 268 Check
Central and South Scotland SP Energy Networks 0330 1010 300 Check
North Scotland SSE Power Distribution 0345 026 2554 Check

Who supplies my electricity and gas?

You can have a seperate company supplying gas to the one that supplies your electricity. Although many people are on a dual fuel tariff which includes both gas and electricity because the people that manage the gas network are different from those that manage the electricity network there are different ways to find out who your supplier is.

Who supplies my Gas?

Fortunately as you already have internet access there is a really easy way to find out who supplies your gas. Simply use the Find My Gas Supplier website and enter your postcode and select your correct street address.

You will be able to find out what your gas Meter Point Reference Number is, who your Gas Transporter is and essentially who is your current gas supplier.

Checking the 20,000 current tariffs available the difference between the lowest cost and most expensive for an average household gives you a £458 difference.
February 2019, EnergyHelpline Comparison

What Tariff do I have?

To find out your gas or electricity tariff you need to contact your supplier once you have identified them. You can usually find out the tariff you are on by logging into your suppliers website for online users or looking at your latest bill for paper users.

If you are on your suppliers standard tariff then you will be paying more than you need to. You can get a better deal by contacting your supplier and asking them to move you to a cheaper deal.

You can save even more by comparing tariffs from all the providers. The smaller energy companies generally offer the cheapest tariffs although you can often find a longer term fixed tariff from one of the Big 6 providers. These often become available for short periods of time so it is worth comparing regularly.