What is automatic energy switching?

Switching energy supplier to ensure you are getting the cheapest gas and electricity prices is unfortunately something that most people realise they should do but never get around to it.

Auto-switching companies such as Look After My Bills, Switchd, Flipper and Migrate have arisen to meet the need of customers who no longer want the hassle and headaches of trying to find a better energy deal.

Auto switch services do the heavy lifting by finding the cheapest supplier based on your specific circumstances and handling the switching for you.

Switching energy suppliers is not difficult

Switching energy suppliers is perceived to be a difficult and confusing task. The reason many people remain with the same energy provider is because they think they are getting a good deal already although they have no idea what the average energy bill in the UK is so don't know if they are overpaying.

Even if they have a suspicion they are paying more than they should be they often assume they are not paying that much more when the reality is that it is often several hundred pounds a year more. Take a look at our round up of energy comparison websites and you will see they state savings ranging from £248 to £479.

Many people do not switch energy companies because they are not confident about the process of switching. Switching energy may appear confusing but all it boils down to is you typing in your energy consumption figures from your bill with an energy comparison site, choosing a cheaper tariff, providing your direct debit details and the comparison company will do the rest for you.

It doesn't cost anything to check and takes less than 5 minutes and you could end up saving hundreds of pounds a year. If you are one of the few that is already on a cheap deal you've lost nothing except 5 minutes of your time. If you are paying too much (if you are reading this you probably are) then you save money. Either way nothing lost.

Why we need energy switching companies?

So you are with an energy company and they are charging too much or providing a terrible service. To switch to another utility company you need to know which one has a better deal and won't cause you hassle in the future.

You also don't want to have to repeat the process again when the new company you switched too decides to increase their prices.

According to Ofgem only 18% of UK domestic consumers switched energy provider in 2018. Either people don't mind overpaying for their energy or it's too difficult or arduous for people to attempt to switch.

So until a proven UK energy supplier can provide a consistent fair price and decent service then automatic energy switching services are going to continue to grow in popularity.

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How does auto energy switching work?

Auto energy switching works by finding the best deal for your current circumstances and handling all the switching for you automatically.

There are now several auto switching sites in the UK that have grown to offer a similar level of service. We have reviewed many of them and were the first to start reviewing automatic energy switching services.

If you have never switched or compared the process is straightforward but you will need a copy of your most recent bill that shows your annual estimated energy usage to get the most accurate advice.

So you tell them who you are with and how much you use, they show you a better deal based on their expertise.

You then agree for the switching service to manage switching for you and provide your direct debit details so they can manage this and future switches including letting your current energy company know you are switching so you don't continue to be charged by them for your energy.

Is it safe to use an energy switching service?

As far as switching goes you still get your 14 day cooling off period so you can change your mind within this period.

You do need to provide banking details in order to set up a direct debit with your new supplier. Whilst this should not be any riskier than giving your banking details directly to the new gas and electricity supplier as they secure your personal details.

If you are on a prepayment meter you won't need to supply your direct debit details.

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Do auto switching sites work?

According to an article published in the Evening Standard at the end of 2019 Look After My Bills has 200,000 customers and is owned by GoCompare along with another auto switch site WeFlip.

As with all companies however switching services do seem to have their share of issues with some users finding that their predicted savings are not accurate unless they enter their actual kWh usage figures rather than basing their estimate on what they currently pay monthly.

This is something we at Safe Energy Switch have always stated, make sure you have accurate kWh usage figures before making a comparison if you want an accurate savings prediction.

How much does it cost to use an auto switch site?

There are two options. You can choose to pay a fee to the utility switching firm and they will compare the whole of the market. Your second option is free but they will only compare against gas and electricity suppliers that offer them a switching fee.

Remember you are using a firm that switches you on your behalf because it save you the hassle.

You can always compare the whole of the market yourself and do the switch yourself which will only cost you your time.

Auto Energy SwitcherAvg Saving £Whole of Market
Switchd408Yes (fee £1.99 to £4.99) No (free service)
Look After My Bills-No (free service)
Migrate316No (free service)
WeFlip280No (free service)
Switchcraft268No (free service)
Flipper385Yes (fee £30 a year)
Labrador-No (free service)
Homebox-Yes (free service)

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