Outfox the Market tariffs

outfox the market tariffs

Outfox the Market has consistently released some of the cheapest consumer energy tariffs since they launched in 2017 promising to save money on energy bills. Although they have had a shaky early history they have been true to their promise.

Since the start of 2020 Outfox the Market tariffs have featured in our top 10 cheapest gas and electricity deals where we keep track of which energy provider is the cheapest. In fact at the time of writing from March to May 2020 they have had at least 3 tariffs in the top 10 each month.

As I spend a lot of time analysing energy tariffs I can say that over the last few years (2019-2020) Outfox has been a consistent low cost energy company. It competes on price along with the likes of Yorkshire Energy, Utility Point, Avro Energy and Tonik.

The competition between the small low cost energy providers is great for consumers as it has been one of the main drivers of the reduction of energy bills along with the fall in wholesale energy costs. For those who regularly switch energy to a cheaper tariff have been able to continually switch and save over the last 18 months. Prices are always changing, it's not practical to switch every month but if you switch at least once a year you can ensure you are on one of the best value energy tariffs.

Date Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Cost per Month
March 2021 Fix'd 21 8.0 18.8475 15.960 20.4645 2.625 £79.44
March 2021 One Green Flex 6.0 18.90 15.70611 18.90 3.0180 £82.26
ONE GREEN FLEX 3.0 19.02 14.48 25.20 2.44
FIX'D 20 14.0 19.94 13.83 18.53 2.42
One Green Flex 2.0 Plus 23.33 11.87 26.00 2.12
FIX'D 20 13.0 10.11 15.03 10.74 2.43
Fix'd 20 11.0 11.32 12.60 11.32 2.49
ONE GREEN FLEX 2.0 26.25 11.87 24.88 2.07
FIX'd 20 5.0 23.10 12.24 24.99 2.10
Fix'd 20 5.0 Plus 26.25 11.87 24.88 2.07

You can compare energy yourself to get an exact figure and see how much you could be saving by switching.

Outfox the Market tariff details

Outfox the Market tariffs in 2019 and 2020 have moved on from the original naming system they used such as whack and zapp to a more referential naming system. Their fixed tariffs are now prfixed with Fix'd and others without this prefix are variable. They have also added the year and issue number in the tariff name which is much more helpful so Fix'd 20 11.0 means a fixed tariff for 2020 and this is the 11th iteration.

Unfortunately Outfox do not publish their full list of tariffs so you can only see which ones they have by getting a quote directly from their site or using a gas and electricity comparison site.

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Fix'd 21 8.0

The Fix'd 21 8.0 tariff is a 1 year fixed rate with no exit fees. At the time of writing it is in our top 10 for the cheapest energy deals for March 2021. For the average household it would cost £79.44 per month making it the fourth cheapest dual fuel tariff for households looking to switch gas and electricity for a cheaper deal.

As of March 2021 Outfox has a Trustpilot rating of 4.6/5 with 25,177 reviews which puts the energy supplier above average. It does currently still fall down on the percentage of negative reviews which currently stands at 13%, below 5% is where the excellent customer service levels are and only a few suppliers maintain this.

One Green Flex 6.0

The flexible tariff 'One Green Flex 6.0' also with no exit fees currently costs £82.26 for the average household. As their fixed rate is cheaper and has no exit fees there really is no point in choosing this deal over their cheaper fix.

Fix'd 20 14.0

September 2020 sees the release of the replacement of the older Fix'd 20 tariff with the new version 14 'Fix'd 20 14.0' tariff.

Outfox the Market's 12 month fixed tariff has seen a change in the unit costs with the daily standing charge going up from 10.11 to 19.94 pence for electricity and 10.74 to 18.53 pence for gas.

The kWh price for both gas and electricity has fallen from 15.03 to 13.83 pence for electricity and 2.43 to 2.42 pence for gas.

They've dropped the price of each kWh but drastically increased the daily standing charge. The overall result is a slight increase in price for the average UK energy user from £69.48 a month under the older Fix'd 20 13.0 to £71.62 per month on the newer Fix'd 20 14.0 tariff.

One Green Flex 3.0

The release in September 2020 of the variable rate green energy tariff from OTM has seen a similar change in price but mostly with an increase in the cost you pay for each kWh of gas and electricity you use.

The kWh price for electricity from One Green Flex 2.0 to One Green Flex 3.0 is an increase from 11.87 to 14.48 pence and the price for gas also increased from 2.07 to 2.44 pence.

The daily standing charge has dropped for electricity from 26.25 to 19.02 pence and for gas the daily standing charge has increased slightly from 24.88 to 25.20 pence.

The overall result is that the new One Green Flex 3.0 variable tariff will cost the average household £75.19 a month compared to the One Green Flex 2.0 tariff it replaced costing only £66.60 a month.

One Green Flex 2.0 Plus

The One Green Flex 2.0 Plus tariff from Outfox the Market is the second cheapest overall tariff on our August 2020 cheapest tariff list. It is a tariff with higher daily standing charge rates at 23.33p (electricity) and 26p (gas) and a lower cost per kWh at 11.87p (electricity) and 2.12p (gas).

These price points make it a good buy for medium to high energy users, especially so in Winter when UK households tend to use more electricity and much more gas for heating.

FIX'D 20 13.0

The 'FIX'D 20 13.0' tariff is our 7th cheapest overall tariff for the average household in our August 2020 energy price comparison. Take a look at our monthly cheap energy deals roundup where you can clearly see the consistently cheapest energy providers.

Outfox's FIX'D 20 13.0 is suited to households that have a higher than average gas energy usage but lower electricity usage. It's a tariff with a lower cost per kWh rate for gas so homes with gas heating on a lot during winter and you have a gas oven but tend not to use much electricity. It's a good tariff.

Fix'd 20 11.0

Early May 2020 shows the Outfox the Market 'Fix'd 20 11.0' tariff as the second cheapest gas and electricity deal on our monthly energy comparison. This is one of the regular 12 month fixed energy deals they release on a regular basis and As at May 2020 is the second overall cheapest and the cheapest fixed deal available.

Having a daily standing charge of just over 11 pence and gas and electric unit kWh rate of 2.49p and 12.6p respectively this makes a great tariff for low to medium (and bordering on high) energy users who are looking for a long term fix.

One Green Flex 2.0

Listed as the 6th cheapest tariff in May 2020 Outfox the Market's 'One Green Flex 2.0' tariff is a variable one. I did ask Outfox if the name implied it was more greener than their other tariffs and they told me 'It simply means it's green electricity, so renewable.'. However they also stated after asking if it was greener than their other tariffs and they replied 'No - they're all green energy.'

For the low energy user this is not a great tariff in comparison to their Fix'd deals but as mentioned is still far cheaper than most of the tariffs available on the energy market.

Fix'd 20 5.0

The Outfox the Market 'Fix'd 20 5.0' tariff has been in our list of the top 10 cheapest energy deals for the last 3 months (March to May 2020). It has a higher daily standing charge at 24.99 and 23.10 for gas and electric respectively and a slightly lower unit rate than their Fix'd 20 11.0 tariff.

Generally this would be a better tariff for higher energy users although you need to do a comparison for your region as unit prices vary between each area of the UK. A good consistently available 12 month fixed deal with no exit fees.

Fix'd 20 5.0 Plus

Outfox the Market's 'Fix'd 20 5.0 Plus' is similar to their 'Fix'd 20 5.0' tariff but tweaked to be a slightly better deal for higher energy users. To be honest there is not much in it and you may find depending on your region one tariff may show up as costing less for your energy usage. Again as energy usage and region are the two main factors in finding a cheap gas and electric you have to use an energy comparison site to find the best deal for you.

Outfox the Market Reviews

In my opinion many people focus on reviews rather than price when the majority of customers just want cheaper gas and electricity bills. Energy companies all provide the same product, gas and electricity. It's the same no matter which energy company you choose, the only difference is customer service.

Outfox the Market has had it's problems in the past, I was once a customer and left to go to People's Energy because of their ethos and cheap prices, although not quite as cheap as OTM.

Most energy companies deal with their customers through their web interfaces or apps these days as it allows them to be more competitive. If you want to talk to someone on the phone and get paper bills rather than use the website and pay by monthly direct debit then you are going to be charged a premium.

As I mentioned OTM had customer service issues in the past when they changed from a fixed monthly to variable monthly direct debit that upset a lot of existing customers. A lot of customers contacted them and overwhelmed their web chat and phone lines. Customers were left waiting due to the sheer number of people contacting them which in turn made customers more angry. Those customers left negative reviews online. I took years for the company to rebuild their reputation.

Outfox the Market lost lots of customers and at one point there were rumours that they were going bust which in turn caused more worried customers to leave. Now if you were one of the customers that just waited till it all blew over and settled down you'd be enjoying some of the cheapest electricity and gas prices in the UK.

Those that switched are now likely to be paying more and experiencing no better customer service. My point is you need to focus on price and not reviews to get the best deal. At the end of the day there is nothing stopping you from leaving one company to go to another. Worst case is you signed up for a fixed deal with £30 per fuel early exit fees and you'd have to pay the fees although Outfox's best fixed price deals now have no exit fees.