Avro Energy tariffs

avro energy tariffs

Avro Energy started out as a concept in 2012 to bring less confusing energy to consumers offering their services at the end of 2015. Since then they have offered dozens of different tariffs covering gas and electricity dual fuel tariffs and economy 7 tariffs.

The cost of the tariff provided by Avro range from cheap to not very competitive. Their best deal is the 'Simple and SuperFixed' 12 month fixed energy tariff with no early exit fees although it looks like you have to switch directly through them to negate any early exit penalties.

Simple and SuperFixed appeared in our top 10 best energy deals in March, April and May of 2020.

In addition if you are looking for a cheap priced no standing charge tariff then their 'No Standing Charge Energy' deal has a very low cost compared to similar deals elsewhere. See below for our comparison with a similar Ebico energy tariff.

You can compare energy yourself to get an exact figure and see how much you could be saving by switching.

Simple and SuperFixed

Avro's best value tariff for most people is their 'Simple and SuperFixed' 12 month fixed rate deal which appears in our top 10 cheapest tariff list several times throughout 2020. It has no early exit fees and has a good electric tariff rate and the gas price for this tariff is as good as the likes of Yorkshire and Outfox.

Our list of cheap energy suppliers shows that Avro Energy has quite a broad range of tariff prices. When a company has a cheap energy deal but lots of more expensive tariffs it shows that they are not a dedicated low cost supplier. You can compare them on the list mentioned to the likes of Outfox the Market, Yorkshire Energy, Gulf and Igloo who have an extremely narrow band of prices at the cheaper end of the market.

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Simple Energy variable tariff

Avro's Simple Energy variable tariff is their main variable tariff although it is not cheap. As mentioned earlier Avro Energy has a really competitive fixed deal but their variable tariff is too expensive. To put it into context about 60% of other tariffs available are cheaper.

No standing charge tariffs

If you have a property that is not occupied year round then a no standing charge energy tariff can be an attractive option. No standing charge tariffs are gas and electric tariffs where you do not have to pay a daily standing charge that would otherwise cost you money whilst the property is unoccupied.

The Avro Energy 'No Standing Charge Energy' tariff is one of the few available tariffs with no daily standing charges. The cost per kWh for gas and electricity is quite good at 13.781 pence per kWh for electric and 3.255 pence per kWh for Gas.

There are a few energy suppliers that have similar no standing charge tariffs such as Ebico energy with their Ebico Zero Green Fixed v5 tariff. As a comparison Avro's cost for this type of energy tariff is much cheaper. Currently Ebico is charging 23.8520p per kWh for electricity and 5.9320p per kWh for gas. In this case Ebico is far more expensive compared to Avro.

Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
Simple and SuperFixed 14.700 12.836 14.700 2.284
Simple Energy 21.000 14.963 21.000 3.701
No Standing Charge Energy 0.0 13.781 0.0 3.255