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Allan Burns @ Safe energy switch

Hi, I'm Allan Burns the creator of Safe Energy Switch. I set up this site at the start of 2019 in order to help people find a better gas and electricity deal.

Allan Burns is an expert in comparing and switching energy to reduce your energy bills or finding the lowest price gas and electricity when energy prices are rising.

He is the owner of and authour at Safe Energy Switch, following energy tariff prices and reviews UK energy providers to help customers find a better energy deal.

Allan has a history in UK renewables with previously having written about and been an advocate for Solar energy when the UK government launched the Feed-in tariff scheme in 2010. The site is now out of date as the scheme has come to an end but the site is still live and you can see it here.

In the past Allan has also consulted for the UK's largest free solar panel installer A Shade Greener Ltd in 2011 to 2012 to promote solar and create public awareness.

Prior to his involvement in green energy Allan was a programmer and database developer for Thomas Cook and Accenture which has given him the skills and expertise needed to anaylse numbers and data needed to keep up with tariff pricing.

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As an energy customer myself I have been with a number of UK energy providers over the years. I've switched to energy companies because they were cheap, were progressive in supporting renewable energy and I've switched for ethical reasons.

So if you are interested these are the reasons I firstly joined and then left each provider.

Initially I was with British Gas like everyone else. I did my first switch to Ecotricity because I liked what Dale Vince (rich hippy) was doing. They invested in green renewable electricity generation and were willing to invest in new innovative projects such as tidal power.

Ecotricity is expensive. I stuck with them for many years as at the time it was only Ecotricity and Good Energy that offered renewable electricity. Eventually I did leave because they were too expensive and couldn't afford or justify to my wife how much we were spending on energy bills.

I switched to Outfox the Market because they were cheap, really cheap. They weren't great on customer support and didn't really have any ethical standpoint or position. I banked on the idea that I wouldn't need to get in contact with them, just pay the bills.

Over time they had issues but I stuck with it but eventually they upset most of their customer base by changing from fixed monthly direct debits to seasonal direct debits that increased over winter and reduced over summer. They did this at the start of winter so you can imagine what happened.

I left not because they got expensive but because they didn't seem to know what they were doing and I didn't like being messed around. Essentially they had charged too little to attract customers and then panicked when they saw the state of their cash flow and decided to make changes not considering their long time loyal customers.

I could have stuck with them but I was concerned about what stunt they would pull next. I moved to an ethical supplier called People's Energy, not because they were cheap, they were slightly more expensive but because they put customers first.

People's Energy was set up by people who wanted to treat customers like they wanted to be treated. The company is run by the people and not shareholders. Customers get a say through their customer representative, a bit like how the Co-operative works.

They have renewable electricity and are working on supplying green gas. They pay back 75% of their profits to customers and have good customer service.

I left People's Energy as my 12 month fixed deal came to an end. I did not leave because I was not happy with them or because they got expensive. They are a brilliant energy company with ethics that support those in energy poverty.

I joined Octopus Energy. As a writer specialising in gas and electricity tariffs and energy providers I needed to find out more about them as a customer. I switched to their 12 month fixed tariff as it was the cheapest and has no exit fees so I can leave at any point without any penalties.

My switch to Octopus was a pound a month more expensive than my previous provider but Octopus Energy has a lot of exciting and innovative new tariffs. They have something for the energy Geeks as well as customers who just want a good energy supplier that has fair pricing.

What I learned

Being a green energy geek, over the years I have managed to reduce my energy usage by about a third for electricity and about half for gas. I've done a lot of work on the house myself to install internal insulation, invest in water efficient showerheads and taps (reduces gas costs as less water to heat), bought energy and water efficient appliances and was one of the first people to switch to CFL, then LED lighting.

Changing your lightbulbs to the latest LED's will save up to 90% on lighting costs. I've been boring friends and family for years trying to get them to switch. I've even turned up at close family members' households and changed bulbs myself.

People don't always know what to do for the best and if they don't know or there are too many options choose the default position which is do nothing. It means that millions of my fellow UK citizens are paying more than they need to on gas and electric.

Writing through Safe Energy Switch I hope I can inform you and show you how you can reduce our energy bills or at least stop overpaying.