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Best 12 month fix with no exit fees

I'm not a big fan of British Gas (or the Big 6) because of the way they mislead their vulnerable customers. However British Gas does have a decent tariff if you are a homeowner and you are willing to have a smart meter installed and unfortunately is not available to existing British Gas customers.

Energy and Home Protection Aug 2021

The 'Energy and Home Protection Aug 2021' tariff from British Gas includes home protection that covers boiler and controls breakdown, plumbing, drains and home electrical cover.

The main benefit is the home protection cover, the prices are fixed for 12 months and there are no early exit fees.

Whilst this is not the absolute cheapest tariff (Outfox the Market is at the moment) it does include the protection and for British Gas it's one of the cheapest tariffs I've seen.

It's a good deal because British Gas are offering it at a low cost to attract customers they lost to the cheaper energy suppliers. They are using this tariff to lure in new customers and taking a short term hit themselves in order to grow their customer base.

You can take advantage of this by grabbing this cheap tariff but, and this is key, after the tariff ends make sure you don't stick around. As with all big energy companies they will automatically put you onto their standard 'evergreen tariff' which is very expensive. That's how they get their money back. So after 12 months just do a quick comparison and switch to another cheap deal.

energy and home protection aug 2021

This tariff is exclusive to Energy Helpline and won't be available for very long once they have filled their allocation so grab this deal here and fill in your details to get a quote before it goes.

If you are already a British Gas customer or do not want to install a smart meter take a look at the latest cheap gas and electricity deals roundup for August.

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