Cheap Energy Alert

I try to keep everyone updated when a great energy deal is launched by an energy company. Recently there has been some better value gas and electric tariffs being released and I think the new Chestnut tariff from Green Energy is worth you taking a look at.

The new Birch tariff from Green is currently the cheapest gas and electricity deal you can get in the UK. Unfortunately they are not on energy comparison sites so you have to go to them directly.

For the average UK household this tariff would cost you £68.93 a month. Its currently not on our list of cheapest energy deals, that's going to be updated in the next week or so which is why I am letting you know about this right now.

If you haven't heard of the energy company Green Energy they are a relatively new green energy provider that offers renewable energy at a cheap price. However they really do care about providing a good service and making positive changes to the UK energy market including offering renewable energy as standard and offering carbon offset gas.

They were chosen as our best green budget energy supplier and have continued to offer great value gas and electrcity for UK households.

We keep track of energy prices every month and publish them so you can see which energy companies are consistently offering low energy prices. Green has remained in our top 10 cheapest energy deals over the last 5 months.

How we compare energy prices

To find out who has the cheapest energy we use the same comparison criteria to compare all suppliers equally month after month. Our criteria assumes annual gas consumption of 12,000 kWh and annual electricity consumption of 3,100 kWh which is close to Ofgems calculated average energy consumption for a typical UK household ( a 3 bed semi).

Every region in the UK has slightly different pricing and this is based on your postcode. We always do our comparisons based on the eastern region. To get an accurate energy comparison you should do a quick energy comparison for your postcode and actual energy usage to check you are getting the best deal.