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Since it's inception in 2015 PFP Energy has undergone some changes. The PFP used to stand for 'Places for People' but now the website states it represents 'Profit for Purpose. It is a not for profit energy company that

PFP Energy offers a £3.75 per fuel dual fuel discount if you switch both gas and electric. They also offer a £20 per fuel online discount if you choose to manage your account online and not receive paper bills.

If you choose to pay by direct debit rather than pay on receipt of a bill the tariffs they offer would be £50 cheaper. The energy quotes below for their fixed and variable rate tariffs take the above discounts into account. It means that should you wish to pay on receipt of a bill the below tariffs would be £90 more expensive per year.

If you are going to pay by direct debit and manage your account online then PFP Energy offers some good value tariffs. If however you want to pay when your bill arrives in the post then NEO Energy would be cheaper for you as they currently allow payment on receipt of your bill and are one of the few smaller budget energy providers that don't penalise you for not managing your account online..

PFP Energy's green credentials

Although their tariffs may have the word green in the name PFP Energy Ltd has only recently introduced 100% renewable electricity energy tariffs but the company has an overall poor fuel mix. The most recent fuel mix disclosure published by the energy company (01/04/2018-31/03/2019) shows that only 8.9% of their energy comes from renewables. The current UK average is 32.8% from renewables.

Although their tariffs are good value and they are at least now going in the right direction offering renewable energy there are much greener energy suppliers about. Take a look at our review of green energy suppliers if you are looking to switch to a renewable energy supplier that makes a difference.

PFP Energy tariffs

Energy provider PFP Energy now offers green energy tariffs (from October 2020). A small energy company offering budget dual fuel energy tariffs with both a variable rate and 1 year fixed rate offering.

Fixed - November 2021 Green v1

PFP Energy's 'Fixed - November 2021 Green v1' tariff came out as the cheapest switchable energy tariff at its launch onto the market based on a whole of the energy market comparison coming in at £69.50 a month (£834 annually) for the average UK household.

Their Fixed - November 2021 Green v1 tariff is a 1 year fixed deal meaning the rates they charge you (in the table published) for your energy do not increase or decrease over the term of the fixed energy deal.

Green Variable v1

The variable rate tariff 'Green Variable v1' from PFP Energy is a dual fuel gas and electric tariff costing £74.54 a month (£894.48 a year) for the average UK household. At the time of this tariffs release it came out as the sixth cheapest energy deal based on a whole of the market home energy comparison.

Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
Fixed - November 2021 Green v1 19.1294 12.327 25.5239 2.8035
Green Variable v1 21.2294 15.372 25.5239 2.457

PFP Energy Reviews and Complaints

Trustpilot ratings for PFP Energy are 3.6 out of 5 over 2,956 ratings (October 2020). Many of the issues seem to stem from customers being charged more than they expected and being unable to resolve these issues. All energy companies will have problems that will affect customers. At the time of this review they do seem to be having more than their fair share of issues.

As with most energy suppliers most of the reviews are positive, you will get customer complaints even with the best rated energy companies.

One of the issues that seemed to keep popping up whilst reviewing their reviews was the fat that some customers had been convinced to switch to them by a doorstep seller. You should never switch energy companies when approached by someone on your doorstep as you have no way of verifying what they are telling you is true.

It looks like some doorstep energy switchers have been telling potential customers of savings greater than they would actually get. Always compare online as you have multiple ways of verifying costs and charges and sites like here at Safe Energy Switch publish historic tariff pricing information so you can see which energy companies are genuinely cheaper.

Compared to other energy companies PFP Energy's customer ratings are poor being placed 57 out of 67 in the energy supplier category on Trustpilot.