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Leeds based Yorkshire Energy has established itself as a no nonsense energy provider. Prior to February 2020 there energy prices weren't particularly cheap but changes in there energy tariff prices from 29th February 2020 seemed to go unnoticed by the media.

By reducing the cost of their gas and electricity prices they have definitely taken the company into competition for the cheapest energy deals along with the likes of AVRO Energy, Tonik and the long term low cost supplier Outfox the Market.

Variable Tariff Prices

The table below shows Yorkshire Energy's 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' tariff prices from when they first launched. Yorkshire Energy set out to be a competitor to the Big 6 with regards to price and customer service, paying a living wage and providing local jobs.

Date Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
November 2020 23.790 15.375 28.785 3.139
8 April 2020 14.514 11.918 17.611 2.138
28 Feb 2020 14.515 12.835 17.611 2.138
20 Apr 2019 21.200 15.670 21.980 3.660
2018 21.274 15.496 21.981 3.484

The above tariff table for Yorkshire Energy's Variable rate is for the 'East England' area or area 10 as it is referred. The price you pay for your gas and electric is dictated by the area you live in, this is how the energy pricing system is set up in the UK.

Prior to February 28th 2020 the price of the 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' tariff remained stagnant with the daily standing charge remaining at around 21p per day. The cost of electricity stayed close to 21p per kWh and the cost of gas around 3.5p per kWh.

However after February 28 Yorkshire Energy dramatically cut the cost of their variable tariff (they only have one). The daily standing charge dropped from 21.2p to 14.515p for electricity and 21.98p to 17.611p for gas. A significant drop beneficial for low energy users.

The cost per kWh of electricity and gas also fell with electricity falling from 15.670p kWh to 12.835p kWh and gas prices being reduced from 3.660p kWh to 2.138p kWh. At the start of April they reduced their electricity prices again down to 11.918p kWh.

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What is Yorkshire Energy's variable tariff?

There are two main types of energy tariff in the UK, a fixed tariff and a variable one. A fixed tariff will have a set price for the energy you use and the standing charge and this is usually set for 12 months.

With a variable tariff there is a chance that the prices will change which could mean both going up or going down. In terms of Yorkshire Energy their variable price tariff has changed 3 times over the course of 2 years.

Any energy company's standard variable tariff is generally their most expensive one so as a general rule you would want to avoid being on it. However saying that at the time of writing (May 2020) 'Yorkshire Energy Variable' was the cheapest energy tariff in the UK. In fact it was our cheapest energy deal in both March and May of 2020.

Is Yorkshire Energy Variable any good?

As stated previously the standard variable tariffs for most energy companies tend to be poor value. They are the tariffs they put you on when you don't bother to switch after your fixed deal comes to an end.

In the case of YE they have an unusually good rate for their variable tariff at the time of writing (May 2020) but energy prices change constantly so it is essential you compare to get the best deal for your usage and region and switch regularly to avoid getting stuck on an overpriced tariff.

Talking generally the best deals to be had from the utilities are from their fixed price deals. Outfox the Market, Tonik Energy, Avro Energy and ESB are generally good suppliers for cheap deals. Contrary to what most people believe other Big Six competitors such as Octopus Energy are actually much more expensive and are closer to the Big 6 in price. Take a look at our list of cheaper energy suppliers.