Bristol Energy

bristol energy

Bristol Energy is a small UK energy supplier since 2016 and is a trading name of Together Energy. Bristol Energy was originally set up by Bristol Council in 2015 but was sold to Together energy in September 2020. At the time of the sale they has 150,000 customers.

In 2018 Bristol energy was focussed on providing 100% renewable electricity and since then have progressed to provide some of the greenest energy tariffs in the UK. They now provide a range of tariffs including 100% renewable electricity, offset (carbon neutral) gas and have direct relationships with local green energy producers.

Bristol Energy's Tariffs

All of the current gas and electric tariffs on offer from Bristol are 100% renewable electricity and either 50% or 100% carbon offset gas depending on which one you choose.

Date Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Monthly cost
March 2021 BE Standard Green 23.64 17.09 25.21 2.91 £86.00
March 2021 BE Simply Green December21 25.92 15.73 20.78 2.95 £84.00
March 2021 BE Super Green January23 26.07 15.82 20.86 3.02 £85.00

BE Super Green January23

The greenest deal from Bristol Energy is the 'BE Super Green January23' tariff which is their 100% carbon offset gas offering. It would cost the average household about £85 a month with prices fixed for 25 months and no early exit fees.

BE Simply Green December21

Their current 12 month fixed rate tariff includes 100% renewable electricity and 50% carbon offset gas and there are no exit fees. For a typical UK household the monthly cost is about £84.

BE Standard Green

The variable rate 'BE Standard Green' tariff also includes 100% renewable electricity and 50% carbon offset gas. As with all variable rates there are no exit fees. The cost of this tariff for March 2021 stands at £86 a month.

Before deciding on a switch make sure you check if you can get the same deal cheaper or if another supplier has an even better offer.

How Green is Bristol Energy?

Since 2018 Bristol Energy has moved towards providing greener energy for its customers. Many of the smaller and some of the large UK suppliers such as OVO Energy provide renewable energy from solar, wind and hydro as well as carbon offsetting their gas supply, usually done through supporting projects worldwide via a third party carbon offset company.

They offer 3 main tariffs, their greenest is the BE Super Green which is fixed rate, BE Simply Green and BE Standard Green. All three tariffs are 100% renewable electricity, Simply and Standard Green are 50% offset gas and Super Green is 100% offset gas.

Their Super Green tariff uses 100% renewable electricity sourced from more than 50 renewable energy suppliers (through F&S Energy) that Bristol Energy has direct purchase agreements with that directly supports generators. A direct purchase agreements with electricity generators is better than just relying on REGO certificates as most green energy suppliers do.

In addition to supporting local households through their social efforts (£20 is donated to their social fund with the Super Green tariff so people don't have to choose between heating or eating) they also source almost a third of their green energy from the local Bristol area.

Very few green energy suppliers offer green gas (biomethane) but Bristol energy provides 15% of its gas as green gas from their partnership with GENeco that turns the human waste of Bristol residents into biomethane.

In terms of how good their offer is compared to other suppliers Bristol Energy is as good as Bulb green energy although not quite as cheap.

Bristol Energy Review

On the surface Bristol Energy should be a good energy supplier, it has many social aspects such as fair pricing, supports local initiatives including fuel poverty. It has great green credentials including having direct relationships with green energy generators specifically supporting local and UK companies. As standard electricity is 100% renewable and gas is at least 50% offset and they offer 15% green gas.

However if you look at the current Trustpilot ratings they only have a score of 3.4 out of 5 over 1,908 reviews and they have a 22% bad feedback rating. Overall Trustpilot rate Bristol Energy as average.

If you look back at their customer review ratings historically the overall low score is maintained so they haven't gone from being excellent to average overnight. Reading through the negative reviews you can see a proportion of the issues are to do with admin errors which shouldn't really be happening.

Often when energy companies are taken over there is a lack of training of the staff to inform them what is going on. I've experienced this time and again when contacting energy companies for reviews and some staff genuinely do not know what is going on. I had this with Affect Energy recently when they were taken over by Octopus.

Bristol Energy Ofgem Complaints

Bristol Energy is now a trading name of Together Energy so the current complaints data is not on Ofgem. However the most recent complaints report on their website is for Q2 of 2019 and shows 1,695 complaints per 100,000 customers.

If we put this into perspective and look at the figures from the same quarter for other suppliers one of the best performers was Avro Energy which had 76 complaints per 100,000 customers, Octopus Energy had 233 and Shell Energy had 1,688.

Bristol is not the worst energy company for complaints but based on customer reviews and complaints are not great. In terms of overall performance they are similar to British Gas which places Bristol Energy in the bottom 25% of energy companies. Which? Rate them at 64%.

Is Bristol Energy a Good Supplier?

Their ethos and green energy tariffs are excellent and prices are very reasonable for the type of green tariff they are offering. However they do fall down on customer service. They were sold to Together Energy by Bristol Council after losing money but hopefully they will be able to sort out their issues as they do offer a great deal on green energy.