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Outside of the Big 6 energy companies Shell Energy is one of the most popular companies chosen by consumers for their gas and electric supply. When I first discovered how popular they were I thought I'd better check them out as they could be offering some great energy tariffs.

Having checked on Energy Helplines energy comparison site and directly on the Shell Energy website I found that they actually turn out to be one of the most expensive energy companies in the UK.

Further to this I found that their best deals are not on their own website. In fact at the time of checking their cheapest tariff costs £983 a year or about £82 a month with their 'Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub Direct Debit ebill' tariff. On the Energy Helpline comparison site the cheapest Shell Energy tariff is 'Energy June 2021 v4' costing £829.56 a year or £69.13 a month. That's over £150 more expensive if you go direct though their website or £150 cheaper if you switch to Shell Energy via Energy Helpline.

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The image above shows the quote for the average gas and electric bill for a typical 3 bed house in the UK with the cheapest quote being £82 a month.

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The image above show the same quote but done through Energy Helpline where the cheapest quote from the supplier Shell Energy comes out at £69.13 a month, costing much less than going through the Shell Energy website directly.

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Shell Energy Tariff Information

The reason I publish the tariff prices of energy suppliers is so that you can see how much the tariff costs. Gas and electricity tariffs are made up of a daily standing charge and unit cost per kWh. As this information is the same across all tariffs for all energy companies it is an easy way to see which is more expensive.

Tariff Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub Direct Debit ebill 15.106 15.106 19.960 2.535
Go Further July 2022 Direct Debit ebill 33.180 16.025 25.790 2.800
Go Further June 2023 Direct Debit ebill 36.030 16.471 28.080 2.865
Flexible 3 Direct Debit ebill 24.500 17.801 27.340 3.434

Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub Direct Debit ebill

Their cheapest direct tariff is a 14 month fixed deal which comes out at £983 a year (£83 a month). Unusually there is an unusually large early exit penalty fee of £50 per fuel which means if you wanted to leave prior to the offer ending you would have to pay a total of £100 which is a bit steep.

If you compare Shell Energy's Energy August 2021 plus Google Nest Hub Direct Debit ebill tariff with the current cheapest fixed energy deal available you would be overpaying by about £212 a year. Outfox the Market has a similar 12 fixed tariff costing £771 and has no early exit fees.

Go Further July 2022 Direct Debit ebill

The 'Go Further July 2022 Direct Debit ebill' tariff is a 25 month fixed tariff which is quite long to be on a fixed term energy deal especially if prices go down. There is quite a hefty daily standing charge of 33.180p per day for electric and 25.790p per day for gas.

A high daily charge is good for high energy users if there is a good kWh unit rate. The gas kWh rate for this tariff is 2.800p and for electricity it is 16.025p. Compare this to the current best deal 'Fix'd 20 11.0' from Outfox the Market with gas at 2.49p and electric at 12.60p you can see how overpriced Shell Energy is.

Go Further June 2023 Direct Debit ebill

The longest fixed term tariff at 36 months is Shell's 'Go Further June 2023 Direct Debit ebill'. As you can see from the tariff price table it's essentially the same tariff as their July 2022 one but fixed for a longer period. Both the daily standing charge and unit rate for both gas and electricity is however more expensive.

I'm not sure who would tie themselves into a 3 year deal at such an expensive rate when it has been the pattern that costs are coming down due to lower prices and more competition in the market.

Flexible 3 Direct Debit ebill

The Shell Energy 'Flexible 3 Direct Debit ebill' tariff is their variable tariff and the most expensive coming in at £1153 a year or £96 a month. This tariff has a high daily standing charge and a very high unit rate. It is not the most expensive tariff on the market but it easily comes in the top 10% of the most expensive.