Zog Energy

zog energy

Zog Energy started in 2012 by Anthony Chester and Roy Cleveland with the sole purpose of providing cheaper gas to customers. Currently they are a gas only supplier but they intend to supply electricity at some point although the last 8 or 9 years they have been gas only.

They are a very small energy firm with office space in the Ipswich based IP-City Centre building. They have fewer than 10 employees so keep running costs to a minimum.

One of the ways Zog keeps its prices low is that they do not have a direct phone number publicised on their website for you to contact or as yet an online account. They do have a separate site for Zog Energy customers to Login to an online account but at the time of writing it is still in beta (its test phase).

You can contact Zog Energy on 01473 597964 which does go through to Zog, I tried it to see if they answer the phone and to ask them about when they planned to supply electricity. They do answer this number and were very helpful. Zog confirmed that they do have a licence to supply electricity and the plan is to be able to offer electric tariffs by the end of 2021.

You can submit meter readings online or contact them via email or on social media. Not having a direct and instant form of communication such as a telephone number or web chat might make some potential customers wary. Usually this would ring alarm bells but if you read on you will reassured by their generally positive feedback.

The important thing to note is that Zog Energy is currently a gas only supplier so you can only switch your gas supply to them. Having one supplier for gas and another for electricity may not offer a significant saving compared to a dual fuel account and may seem like too much hassle for the average energy customer.

Zog Energy Tariffs

If you're comparing gas prices only then Zog are one of the cheapest gas suppliers. On comparison sites they won't show up unless you do a gas only comparison.

In terms of tariffs they offer a variable rate, a 1 year fix and 2 year fixed rate tariffs. Unusually they offer the two fixed rate deals at a lower cost but with a £30 early exit fee or at a slightly higher kWh unit rate but with no exit fees.

Month price checked Tariff Name Tariff Type Exit Fee Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Monthly Cost
March 2021 Mercury 12 v45 12 Month Fix £30 22.05 2.7972 £34.68
March 2021 Mercury 24 v31 24 Month Fix £30 26.25 2.8145 £36.13
March 2021 £36.94 Variable £0 25.20 2.9274 £36.94
March 2021 Saturn 12 v19 12 Month Fix £0 22.05 3.2361 £39.07
March 2021 Saturn 24 v9 24 Month Fix £0 26.25 3.2494 £40.48

March 2021 Price Comparison

The best price Zog Energy currently offers is with their Mercury 12 v45 tariff costing £34.68 per month for the average household. It comes with a £30 early exit fee and the prices are fixed for 12 months. They do offer another 12 month fix without exit fees with their Saturn 12 v19 tariff but it would cost the average household £52.66 extra over the 1 year fix period.

That's more than the £30 exit fee so unless you have very low energy usage in your household the cheaper 1 year fix with exit fees works out an overall better deal. If you wanted to leave the deal early to switch you could pay the £30 exit fee and generally be better off. Remember under Ofgem rules you can leave a fixed deal within 49 days of the end of your tariff and not get charged exit fees.

Is Zog Energy Cheaper than other Suppliers?

Supplier Tariff Name Fixed or Variable Exit Fees Monthly Cost
PFP Energy Fixed - May 2022 - Green v1 Paperless 1 Year Fixed None £32.93
NEO Energy NEO 4.1 Variable None £33.44
PFP Energy Fixed - May 2022 - Green v1 Paper Billing 1 Year Fixed None £34.59
Zog Energy Mercury 12 v45 1 Year Fixed £30 £34.68
SSE Online Energy v10 Paperless Billing 1 Year Fixed £30 £34.69
Utility Point Just Join UP 21 12M Fixed Standard Wk04 1 Year Fixed £36 £35.34
So Energy So Carrot Essential v4 – Green 1 Year Fixed £5 £35.71
SSE Online Energy v10 Paper Billing 1 Year Fixed £30 £35.81
Zog Energy Mercury 24 v31 2 Year Fixed £30 £36.13
Utility Warehouse Green Fix 11 1 Year Fixed £25 £36.47

As you can see from our March 2021 comparison of gas prices Zog Energy comes out as the fourth cheapest overall gas tariff with their Mercury 12 v45. In ninth place is their 2 year fixed deal (Mercury 24 v31 tariff) which is the cheapest 24 month fix on the market.

You can get an even cheaper gas price if you switch to a dual fuel energy deal which means switching both gas and electricity to the saem supplier.

Orbit Energy is the current overall cheapest dual fuel supplier with their Spring Vari-Save Extra variable price tariff. For the gas component of their tariff they have a daily standing charge of 25.234p compared to Zog's cheaper 22.05p per day charge but Orbit's kWh unit rate is only 2.366p per kWh compared to Zog's 2.7972p.

The standing charge only makes up about a quarter of the overall gas bill so a lower kWh rate (especially for higher energy users) means that a lower kWh unit rate generally makes for a better deal. For the average household the monthly charge for gas from Zog would be £34.68 compared to the gas portion of Orbit Energy's tariff costing £31.34 a month.

I'm not advocating that you switch to Orbit Energy vs Zog Energy but illustrating that you really need to do an energy comparison yourself and base it on your energy usage to get the best current deal for you.

Zog Energy Review

Zog is a small energy company that does plan to supply electricity (later in 2021) and a new website with an online customer account around about the same time which is currently in testing.

As an energy supplier they have been around since 2012 and have managed to maintain a very good level of customer service. They do encourage you to contact them via social media or email to keep their costs down but they do have an operational contact telephone number that they do actually answer.

At Safe Energy Switch we use Trustpilot scores to compare suppliers. Whilst no review system is foolproof using the same measure across all suppliers gives you a better understanding of how customers perceive an energy supplier.

Trustpilot ratings for Zog Energy are 4.7 out of 5 which rates them as excellent. They have a total of 211 reviews of which 5% are rated as bad. As a comparison our energy reviews show that Zog certainly comes in around the top 10 energy suppliers.

The feedback left by customers is certainly positive with the general consensus being that they offer low prices with good customer service. Many of the reviews left state that they have remained with the supplier for many years even after getting energy quotes at the end of their fixed period to check that they are still getting a good deal.