Compare Gas Prices

Whilst most gas and electricity customers find it convenient to have their services supplied by the same energy company you have the option of getting your gas supply from a different utility from your electric. Whilst dual fuel tariffs often include a small discount you could save more by shopping around for your gas and electric separately.

There are gas only suppliers such as Zog Energy who only supply domestic gas so you will only ever see them appear on energy comparison sites when you do a price comparison on gas only.

Compare Gas Prices Only

To give you an idea of gas prices for a domestic gas only quote the table below show the 10 cheapest gas deals for an energy comparison for an average UK household using 12,000 kWh of gas per year. It will show you how much you could expect to spend per month on gas for the average home.

Supplier Tariff Name Fixed or Variable Exit Fees Monthly Cost
PFP Energy Fixed - May 2022 - Green v1 Paperless 1 Year Fixed None £32.93
NEO Energy NEO 4.1 Variable None £33.44
PFP Energy Fixed - May 2022 - Green v1 Paper Billing 1 Year Fixed None £34.59
Zog Energy Mercury 12 v45 1 Year Fixed £30 £34.68
SSE Online Energy v10 Paperless Billing 1 Year Fixed £30 £34.69
Utility Point Just Join UP 21 12M Fixed Standard Wk04 1 Year Fixed £36 £35.34
So Energy So Carrot Essential v4 – Green 1 Year Fixed £5 £35.71
SSE Online Energy v10 Paper Billing 1 Year Fixed £30 £35.81
Zog Energy Mercury 24 v31 2 Year Fixed £30 £36.13
Utility Warehouse Green Fix 11 1 Year Fixed £25 £36.47

Most of the best deals available should you want to switch gas suppliers are fixed rate tariffs. Generally the cheapest deals available are variable rates but for this gas only comparison done in March 2021 shows that 9 out of the ten cheapest energy deals on offer are fixed with only one variable rate deal.

The overall cheapest gas deal is a 1 year fix from PFP Energy costing £32.93 a month. It's a particularly good rate at 2.667p per kWh and is fixed for 12 months and as there are no exit fees you could switch again before the end of your contract without fees.

Whilst PFP Energy is the cheapest in this gas price comparison the only way to sign up to this tariff is to call them so there may be some restrictions. They do offer a dual fuel discount of £3.75 if you switch to them for both gas and electricity.

The cheapest variable rate tariff and overall second lowest priced gas tariff is from NEO Energy with their NEO 4.1 tariff costing £33.44 a month. It's only 51 pence a month more expensive but the kWh rate is actually cheaper at 2.6p per kWh but the daily standing charge costs more so overall slightly more expensive.

Zog Energy has two cheap gas deals in the top 10 cheapest gas tariffs based on our comparison. You may not have heard of Zog Energy but they have been around since 2012 and have an excellent rating on Trustpilot with a score of 4.7 out of 5 with 5% of reviews rating Zog as a bad energy company.

The Mercury 12 v45 1 year fixed rate tariff is the 4th overall cheapest gas deal costing £34.68 a month but they have a 2 year fix (Mercury 24 v31) costing £36.13 a month which offers good long term value.

You can compare suppliers online that you can switch your gas supply to and find out which supplier offers the best deal right now.

Is it Cheaper to Compare Gas Only?

You have to consider several factors if you want to get your gas and electricity from two different suppliers. Having two energy accounts is going to be more hassle, maybe not more more than having gas and electric under one account but extra hassle none the less.

Many suppliers offer dual fuel discounts so any potential savings from shopping around may not be worth the additional hassle. A dual fuel discount is where the supplier discounts your bill because you get both your electricity and gas from them. It's generally only a small amount, they usually offer much larger discounts for going paperless and paying by direct debit.

So if we look at the current cheapest deal for gas which is the Fixed - May 2022 - Green v1 Paperless tariff from PFP Energy costing £32.93 a month and add the current cheapest electricity only tariff which is the Low Fair and Green Variable SE03 v14 tariff from Symbio Energy costing £38.13 a month we get a monthly total of £71.06 per month.

A dual fuel energy comparison taken at the same time gives us a quote of £72.60 from Orbit Energy with their Spring Vari-Save Extra tariff. The difference in cost works out at £1.54 a month for the average household using 12,000 kWh of gas per annum and 3,100 kWh of electricity.

So right now you could make a relatively small saving by getting your gas and electricity from different suppliers but after you take into account any dual fuel discounts it makes any savings negligible.

Taking into account the initial hassle of getting more quotes, the ongoing hassle of dealing with two suppliers and the potential minimal savings for most people it is generally not worthwhile to get a gas only tariff.

What about Green Gas?

If you are considering switching gas suppliers you may be considering switching to a green gas supplier. The term Green Gas can be used by suppliers to describe carbon neutral or carbon offset gas where the suppliers invest in green projects such as planting trees to offset the gas you use.

Green Gas can also mean biogas or biomethane which is produced from turning crops or food waste into methane through biodigesters. Bristol Energy for example supplies green gas where they turn human poo into methane. The 15% Green Gas is only on their My Green Plus tariff.

Not all suppliers of green or offset gas offer a gas only tariff whereas most suppliers will offer dual fuel or electric only tariffs. The cost of carbon neutral and biogas is generally more expensive so if you are on a budget and don't want to be surprised by a high gas bill then choose a good budget gas supplier.

The table below shows energy suppliers that have the option to switch to a gas only tariff (they also offer dual fuel) that have at least carbon offset/carbon neutral gas. I've also included the percentage of biogas included by the gas supplier.

Supplier Tariff Name Carbon Offset Gas Monthly Cost
Bristol Energy BE Super Green April23 100% £38.00
Good Energy Good To Fix March 2023 v6 - Gas 100% (10% Biogas) £44
Ecotricity Green Gas 100% (5% Biogas) £63

For a gas only switch then Bristol Energy offers a gas only tariff that is 100% offset at £38 a month for the average household. Being carbon neutral is currently more expensive than the cheapest gas only tariffs and you can expect to pay upto £5 more a month.

You should however bear in mind that these gas only comparisons for green gas are being compared to the cheapest gas deals you can currently get. For context the most expensive standard gas tariffs currently go up to about £43 a month.

If you are looking to make the biggest green impact by switching gas then the Good To Fix March 2023 v6 - Gas tariff costing £44 a month is also 100% carbon neutral like Bristol Energy but it includes 10% Green Gas so is the greenest gas only tariff available. There are greener and cheaper gas tariffs available from other suppliers but you have to switch your electric as well.

If you were willing to switch both gas and electric the Bulb has quite affordable prices and offers 100% offset gas as well as 4% of that gas supply being supplied as green bio-gas. The cost of the gas part of their tariff would come to just under £35 a month so cheaper than Bristol Energy. You can find out more about Bulb green energy and how green it really is. Unfortunately you cannot just switch your gas to Bulb, they do electricity only quotes of dual fuel quotes.