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Orbit Energy used to have a cheap tariff costing around £64 a month putting it firmly in the cheap supplier bracket. Unfortunately since then it has moved to the middle of the market in terms of pricing with its current cheapest energy plan costing £82 a month, which is substantially more.

Orbit is one of the smaller UK energy suppliers which usually offer the cheaper deals so if you are looking to lower your bills you'll need to look elsewhere for cheaper gas and electric quotes.

You can compare energy yourself to get an exact figure and see how much you could be saving by switching.

Orbit Energy tariffs

The tariffs on offer from Orbit Energy are similarly priced but currently put them about £10-15 a month more expensive than the cheapest gas and electricity deals.

Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
Stay At Home v2 23.334 14.489 26.041 2.615
10%OFF4LIFE v4 20.998 15.256 23.434 2.943
1 Year Fix 23.100 14.470 25.780 2.611

Orbit Energy Stay At Home v2

Orbit's 'Stay At Home v2' tariff is a 12 month fixed deal with no exit fees and renewable electricity. Additionally all the profits for the first year go to the charity 'NHS Charities COVID-19 Urgent Appeal'.

Normally this would make for a great tariff to switch to but unfortunately with the stay at home tariff costing the average customer £86 a month which is about £996 a year it is certainly not the cheapest energy deal.

To put it into context it's pricing comes out around the middle of the market. Or if you put it another way you could switch to a much cheaper fixed deal just shy of £300 cheaper per year from Outfox the Market, Green or Avro Energy.

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Orbit Energy 10%OFF4LIFE v4

The '10%OFF4LIFE v4' tariff from Orbit Energy promises to always remain 10% under the Energy Price Cap set by OFGEM. The cost of this tariff is £86 a month or about £1032 for the average household gas and electric bill.

This is a variable tariff so prices can go up as well as down but are guaranteed to be ten percent lower than the energy price cap. It is still an expensive tariff with half of the other tariffs over the whole of the market being cheaper.

Orbit Energy 1 Year Fix

The Orbit Energy '1 Year Fix' is currently Orbit's lowest priced energy plan at £82 monthly which comes to about £984 over a calendar year for the average household. As the name suggests the prices are fixed for 12 months, there are no exit fees so you can leave the contract at any point without repercussions. The tariff also includes 100% renewable energy.