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Look After My Bills Review

The automatic energy switching service Look After My Bills came to prominence when they won funding on BBC's Dragons Den. Like other gas and electric auto switch companies they take the hassle out of constantly having to switch to as cheaper provider by doing it for you.

 8/10 Great new site design with easy to use interface and large selection of tariffs to compare. Look After My Bills review by - Rated 8/10

At the time of writing LAMB has had a design overhaul and the site works much better and feels more useable. The first thing I like is its simplicity and the fact you do not have to provide all your personal details up front.

How Do Look After My Bills Make Money?

The switching service is free as they get a commission when they switch you to a new energy supplier. I say this is every review as it is important to understand auto energy switching services are ideal for those who want do not want the hassle of comparing and switching and keep on having to do so.

How Look After My Bills Works

If you want the absolute cheapest price and are willing to do a little more work then the best thing to do is use an energy price comparison site. I've already written about how to get the cheapest gas and eelctric quotes where I explain the little tricks you can use to beat the system and get the absolute best deal for your circumstances.

In order to get your initial quote you only have to enter a few details about your current supplier such as who they are and how much gas and electricity you use.

Any time you want to compare prices with any online price comparison site you need to know your annual kWh usage for gas and electricity. This is the most accurate way of getting an accurate comparison. There's really no point in doing so if you do not have this information to hand as you'll just be wasting your time.

Will I get a Good Deal with LAMB?

As with all the auto energy switching reviews I do here we use Ofgem's average kWh usage figures for the comparison. At the time of the review Look After My Bills quoted iSupplyEnergy's Discover Green 12 months 04v1 tariff as the deal to switch to coming in at £87 a month.

look after my bills review

So to get a comparison on price I always to compare to Switchd so we have some sort of reference point. Comparing the same energy usage figures on Switchd the comparison comes out at £73.58 switching to Utility Point's Just Up 19 Wk15 Direct tariff. That works out at about a tenner cheaper compared to using Look After My Bill's auto switching service.

switchd vs look after my bills price comparison

Are Look After My Bills Any Good?

If you are looking for a switching company that will take care of checking which supplier is offering a better price and then switching you to the cheapest utility provider then LAMB or one of the other auto switch sites are for you.

I'd rank Look After My Bills up there with Weflip although at the time of writing Switchd offers cheaper tariffs. The new redesigned site is really easy to use and you don't have to give up a whole load of personal information up front before you even know they can get you a better deal.

Look After My Bills Public Reviews

The customer reviews on both Trustpilot and Google are very positive and there are a good number of them. On the whole people tend to be pleased with their level of customer service..

The negative reviews tend to be on the theme of the actual switching process. One point that seems relevant is that when you use a service like LAMB or any other automatic switching company they will switch you to a new supplier if they are cheaper.

A lot of stress seems to come from the fact most people do not understand or really want to understand how energy suppliers work. A common hurdle is when customers find that they have had the first direct debit taken from their bank early on.

Small energy suppliers work on tight margins and do not have the financial resources of the larger more established energy suppliers. Therefore they tend to charge you at the start of your first month rather than after the first month.

If potentially paying 2 energy direct debits in one month (one to your old supplier and one to the new one) during the 4 to 6 weeks switching process then use a standard energy comparison tool such as Energy Helpline and choose from one of the Big Six suppliers.

energy switching tip Rated 8.9/10 on Trustpilot (1,799 reviews) and Google is 4/5 (62 reviews).


I had a wonderful experience with Look After My Bills and will definitely recommend them! The process was easy, the staff I spoke with were very helpful and most importantly, they saved me money. Thanks again.


I highly recommend Look After My Bills. It was quick and easy to get started, and I saved over £100 on my energy bill. I even had the option to go for renewables only, which I obviously did, because I'm not a monster! I hate shopping around for good deals on energy bills, it's sooooo boring. But I'll never have to do it again. Haleiloo!


I’ve been with Look After My Bills for a few years now. They’ve saved me money every year. They’re efficient and fast. & they listen to clients. Eg, when, one year, I asked to be changed not because of price but because the supplier I was with had appalling customer service, they responded immediately, and changed my supplier without question. Quite honestly, I can’t fault them.