Weflip Review

The Weflip website is nicely designed and the process of flipping gas and electric supplier as they call it rather than automatic switching is straightforward. Weflip is part of GoCompare so the people behind the site have a history in the energy comparison market. Based on our knowledge and reviews of other British energy switching services we have compiled as thorough We Flip Review to show how they compare to others.

They sell the service as an energy flipping service where they promise to automatically switch you if they find a deal that is at least £50 cheaper a year.

 8/10 Overall a good service with easy to use interface and very competitive quotes. Simple and straightforward.

How it works

Just like an energy comparison site you need to enter some details so they have something to compare to.

energy switching tip Automatic energy switching works just like a standard energy price comparison service except it continues to switch you to cheaper deals in the future without you having to enter your details again.

You start off entering your postcode then selecting your address from the list. Don't worry they won't do any switching or flipping until you reach the end of the process so that you can see if there is a cheaper deal available.

Next choose whether you are looking to flip gas or electricity or both. You can actually have your gas from one company and your electric from another.

Now you tell them about the supplier you are currently with. If it is dual fuel (gas and electricity) or not, who supplies your energy, how you pay, if you have economy 7, are online or by post and the tariff you are on.

Your Energy Usage

Now for the important part, how much energy you use or how much you pay monthly, quarterly or annually. Your usage information is essential otherwise you are not going to be able to compare how much you are paying with how much other companies would charge you.

Your usage information will be on one of your paper bills or statements or if you are online you'll need to log in or use the app. If you use the kWh usage for gas and electric the comparison will be more accurate. This will be more so if you regularly send in meter readings or have a smart meter that is providing accurate readings.

Energy Price Comparison Results

It's refreshing to see that by default all of the tariffs available from We flip are shown and shown in price order with the lowest cost first. Either they only offer tariffs where they get a commission or they show all tariffs including the ones they do not get a commission for switching you to.

I gave Weflip a call to clarify how they earn their money as they do not charge customers for the service. Weflip confirmed that they receive a commission for switching (flipping) you to all of the tariffs they compare.

They were unable to tell me how many tariffs they compare but it is just to those tariffs where they get a commission. Their comparison does not show any tariffs they cannot switch you to even if they are cheaper. I tested this by doing the same comparison with the Switchd automatic switching service.

Weflip versus Switchd

As well as checking how easy it is to use the site I have also compared the results Weflip have produced with those of Switchd. The criteria I have used is exactly the same. Average energy usage figures were used based on Ofgem's data of 12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh for electric.

The only difference you may experience is if you do a comparison for a different region as prices vary by region. In this comparison I used a postcode in the Eastern region.

weflip vs switchd price comparison

As you can see from the screenshot Weflip chose Utility Point as the cheapest supplier with their UP GoCo Exclusive v2 tariff coming in at a monthly figure of £81 exactly.

switchd vs weflip price comparison

As a comparison using the same criteria Switchd came up with a figure of £76.58 a month. Interestingly from the same provider Utility Point but with a different tariff, the Just Up 19 Wk 11 Direct.

I know from doing lots of comparisons on different gas and electricity comparison sites that Utility Point Just Up tariffs are there widely available variable tariffs where as Weflip seems to have an exclusive deal with Utility Point to offer the slightly more expensive UP GoCo Exclusive.

If you take the difference between the two tariffs it comes out to about £50 over the course of a year, incidentally around about the same amount switching companies earn from suppliers in commission for switching customers.

Coincidence, maybe, or the cynical may suggest that Utility Point use this tariff exclusively for price comparison sites in order to cover the commission costs they incur by passing it onto the customer.

Weflip Automatic Energy Switching Reviews

There are public reviews for Weflip on Google and Trustpilot. At the time of writing their Google rating is 3 out of 5 stars over 8 reviews. Trustpilot is showing a longer history of reviews with a very reasonable 8.9 out of 10 over 2,378 reviews.

energy switching tip Rated 9.1/10 on Trustpilot (2,378 reviews) and Google is 3/5 (8 reviews).


I wish there were similar sites for home and car insurance ...Hey Flipper, what about that for an idea? Love this company, they save you all that hassle and you are asked for a monthly reading so you don t end up with a sky high, unexpected bill plus the rate they got me was incredibly good. I have recommended Flipper to all my friends.


The transfer process has the potential to be quite complicated but Flipper seem to have made it quite easy. The estimated savings are quite impressive. There are many other utility services crying out for the Flipper approach - eg car and house insurance - perhaps Flipper should consider expanding !!


very happy so far . Trying to get into your account is always difficult as they never accept your password and constantly request you reset your details this is very fustrating however we are happy with the savings and flippers customer service keep it up and well done.