Green Network Energy

green network energy

Green Network is an Italian owned company originally founded in Italy by Sabrina Corbo and Piero Saulli. They do generate some of their energy from wind, biomass and solar from projects in Italy but not in the UK. Their UK office is based in Croydon.

Green Network energy offers a couple of tariffs with 100% renewable electricity and offer both a variable, 1 year and a 2 year fixed priced tariff.

Their tariff costs are on par with that of Bulb so at the lower middle end of the market.

The Green Network Energy company provides gas and electricity for both domestic and business. You do not need to get a smart meter when switching to them, in fact at the time of writing (October 2020) they are not able to read existing smart meters so if you already have a smart meter you will have to manually provide meter readings to them.

They do offer a £100 bill credit if you have three or more children and you sign up to one of their fixed term family tariffs. Again this offer was available at the time of writing and you should check other energy deals with other suppliers as cash incentives often means tariffs are more expensive than they need be.

Green Network Energy ceased trading

Green Network Energy ceased trading in January 2021 and their customers were transferred over to EDF. Consumers gas and electricity supply is protected and existing credit with Green Network Energy is also protected.

EDF has a poorer rating than Green Network Energy and whilst initially customers will not pay more for their energy after their transfer to EDF.

EDF is generally more expensive than other energy providers and doesn't have great customer feedback. Our list of the best UK energy suppliers will show you which companies are highly rated by customers.

If you are looking for another renewable energy supplier our list of green energy suppliers with prices will help you find a new affordable renewable energy supplier.

Green Network Energy Tariffs

Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
GNE Family Green 12 Month Fixed V9 29.95 15.792 21.32 2.625
GNE Family Green 2 Year Fixed V6 27.68 15.593 25.46 2.678
GNE Standard Var V1 23.40 17.017 26.04 2.854
GNE Summer Sizzler V9 21.35 15.435 17.97 2.457

GNE Family Green 12 Month Fixed V9

The 'GNE Family Green 12 Month Fixed V9' 12 month fixed tariff they offer which comes to £81.39 a month for the average UK household. The tariff offers 100% renewable electricity and standard gas. There is a £25 per fuel exit fee should you decide to leave GNE before the 1 year fixed term tariff ends.

GNE Family Green 2 Year Fixed V6

This 24 month fixed tariff comes in at £81.97 a month for the average UK household. It also has 100% renewable electricity and there is also a £30 per fuel early exit fee.

GNE Standard Var V1

They offer a variable rate tariff, their 'GNE Standard Var V1' that would cost the typical UK household £87.54 a month. It's a pricey tariff that does not include 100% renewable electricity but there are no exit fees.

GNE Summer Sizzler V9

I've included the GNE Summer Sizzler V9 tariff although it is not available directly through the supplier but it is significantly cheaper at £75.15 a month and is the equivalent of their 'GNE Family Green 12 Month Fixed V9' one year fix but about £6 cheaper per month.

Sometimes you find that tariffs from the same company are cheaper on comparison sites. If you are considering switching to Green Network then do a comparison here to get the cheaper version.

Green Network Energy Review

Green Network is a renewable supplier although our comparison of green suppliers shows it as a higher priced provider that doesn't offer the best value in the UK. Yes, they do generate some of their own renewable electricity in Europe but there are more effective greener suppliers generating their own electricity and investing in renewables in the UK.

If you are looking to do your bit for the planet and cut your bills then there are better green energy suppliers in Britain.

If you are looking for a greener supplier that is promoting cleaner power in the UK and have a proven track record then Good Energy or Ecotricity are great gas and electricity suppliers. If you want a utility that does good and are great value then Green Energy offer great value.

Reviews from customers

At the time of writing in October 2020 GNE has a Google rating of 2.6 out of 5 from 652 reviews. Customers seem to either hate the company or love them

Customer reviews on Trustpilot seem more positive with 8,982 customer reviews giving Green Network 4.2 out of 5.

Are they a good energy company?

With utilities as with all companies as a customer you are concerned with customer service and price. Ideally you want to switch to a provider that not only offer value for money but is going to offer easy access to customer support and be able to resolve issues.

You are probably looking at Green Network Energy because of their eco credentials. As I've already mentioned there are better providers that offer renewable energy at a lower price.

As for customer service both Bulb and Octopus have are more established and have much better customer feedback offering a similar price point and a similar renewable power offering.

As well as the suppliers already mentioned that are in my opinion offering a better overall deal it's also worth looking into People's Energy who put the customer at the heart of their service and offer 100% renewables at a reasonable price. At the time of writing their tariffs are cheaper than both Bulb Energy and Octopus Energy.