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entice energy

Entice Energy is a small UK energy supplier founded in 2015 by David Crowe and is based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. They claim to be able to offer better saving compared to larger suppliers, simpler tariffs and customer service that answers your questions.

Rather than having a call centre (although they do have a phone number 0330 403 0040) they ask you to contact them via email. Confusing on their main page they say that their account managers answer the phone in 20 seconds on average although they say you need to book a callback to speak to them.

One feature they do have that customers will like is the ability to talk to the same person you originally started dealing with. It means that on subsequent contact with Entice Energy you can speak to the same account manager that already understands your issues. We've all experienced the frustration of being passed from department to department and having to explain our issue multiple times to multiple people only to be told that they need to pass you to yet another department.

Initially they were a gas only supplier but since 2018 they have been offering both gas and electricity to customers nationally.

Does Entice Energy offer renewable energy?

Although they didn't mention anything about green or renewable energy on their website they do offer 100% renewable energy. I had to call them to ask, the customer service agent couldn't confirm either way so had to ask his manager.

There is a post on their Facebook page that states 'In 2019, all of our energy was backed by certificates generated from the Gwynt y Mor wind farm in North Wales.'

Entice Energy Tariffs

Energy costs are generally a customer's primary concern. Unless the energy company offers legendary customer service you are not going to want to switch to a supplier that is going to charge you more than you are currently paying.

Whilst Entice does have a variable rate tariff they currently do not offer it to new customers. At the time of this review they offered only a 12 month fix that was managed online or with paper billing.

They currently do not offer Economy 7 or prepayment meter tariffs. If you're joining between September and March then for the first winter your direct debits are increased by 20% to cover the higher winter usage for most households.

Month price checked Tariff name Tariff type Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Typical monthly cost
February 2021 Fixed Saver v10 Online 12 month fixed 23.335 16.361 22.848 3.198 £89
February 2021 Fixed Saver v10 Paper 12 month fixed 27.535 16.623 25.998 3.282 £93

For the average household their cheapest tariff 'Fixed Saver v10 Online' would cost £89 a month. With the online version of the tariff you will not receive paper bills, if you want the paper billing version it will cost the average household £93 a month.

Most fixed price tariffs come with an exit fee. Entice charge £30 per fuel which is about the average for a 1 year fixed deal. There are very few suppliers that offer fixed prices without any exit fees although energy companies Avro Energy and Octopus Energy are a couple of the exceptions who also happen to perform consistently well with customer reviews.

Entice Energy Prices compared

Entice Energy claims to be cheaper than larger suppliers so how do their tariff prices compare to other UK suppliers?

Supplier Tariff name Tariff type Per fuel exit fees Monthly cost
Avro Energy Simple and SuperSwitcher 12 month fixed £0 £80
Peoples Energy People's Energy Fixed Loyalty Tariff Jan 21 12 month fixed £30 £81
Scottish Power Greener Future February 2022 B1 12 month fixed £30 £81
Utility Point Just Up 21 Wk06 v7 12 month fixed £36 £81
Goto Energy In Control Green Feb 2022 V2 12 month fixed £40 £81
Pure Planet 100% Green Direct 12m Fixed Feb21 v1 12 month fixed £30 £81
Octopus Energy Octopus Exclusive 12M Fixed January 2021 v3 12 month fixed £0 £83
Green Buchan 12 month fixed £36 £84
OVO Energy Better Smart 12 month fixed £30 £85
So Energy So Carrot Essential v2 – Green 12 month fixed £5 £86
SSE Online Energy v9 Paperless Billing 12 month fixed £30 £87
Entice Energy Fixed Saver v10 Online 12 month fixed £30 £89

If you compare the cost of gas and electricity from Entice Energy with other suppliers offering 12 month fixed tariffs then Entice currently looks more expensive.

The prices for this comparison are based on quotes from energy comparison site Energy Helpline as they have the largest database of tariffs given the widest comparison. For transparency the Octopus Energy quote that comes out at £83 is cheaper than the £88 quote you would get if you went direct to Octopus.

To put Entice Energy pricing into context the most expensive 12 month fix cost £102 from MoneyPlus Energy's 'Everyone Welcome Jan-21 v3' tariff so Entice are far from the most expensive supplier.

Entice Energy Review

One of the main claims from Entice is that they offer a better level of customer service with claims of answering the phone within 20 seconds and being able to speak to the same person each time you contact them.

I did call Entice on their phone number just to see how long they took to answer and ask a few questions. It took about 10 minutes from dialling to speaking to a real human. That's slightly longer than the 20 seconds they claim unless they were referring to the initial automated answer where you choose from the options offered.

They were very helpful on the phone and went out of their way to answer the questions I asked. Namely to confirm that they no longer offer a variable rate tariff and to confirm they do supply 100% renewable energy even though it is not mentioned on any part of their website, I know this as I was very thorough.

They also have not published their energy mix which is a requirement for energy suppliers so I cannot confirm that they only use renewable sources of electricity.

Is Entice Energy a good energy supplier?

According to Trustpilot the 120 reviews left by customers give this supplier a 4.1 out of 5 score with 8% rating them as bad. It doesn't make Entice an outstanding supplier but it does put them below the best energy suppliers, take a look to see how they compare.

Taking a look at the Ofgem data for customer complaints it shows that they have improved their service. The first half of 2019 they received more than 600 official complaints per 10,000 customers compared to a much lower 70 per 10,000 over the same period of 2020.

The most recent data from the third quarter of 2020 shows that they manage to resolve 67% of complaints by the end of the next working day and 97% of complaints within 8 weeks.