How much is the average UK Gas Bill

Most households in the UK rely on central heating and hot water heated by a gas burning boiler. It's only in the colder months of winter does the amount you burn to heat your home becomes more of a concern. You worry about how much it is going to cost you to keep warm and whether you are using too much energy to heat your home or paying too much to do so.

The good news is that one of the quickest and easiest ways of cutting your heating bills is to find a cheaper rate so you end up paying less without any disruption.

If you are the bill payer in your household then you may have often wondered how much gas other people use to heat their homes and how much their bills come to compared to your. It can often feel like you are paying more than your neighbours or your friends house where they always seem to have their heating on.

You may be wondering why your gas bill is so high as it can seem like you are paying more than everyone else. However you have to consider how much you are using to heat your home and how much you are being charged for what you use by your current supplier.

What is the average gas bill per month?

For an average UK household which is typically a 3 bedroom semi-detached house using an average amount of energy, 12,000kWh a year the monthly average is £42.34 a month or £508.11 a year.

The kWh unit cost and daily standing charge are taken from actual tariff rates from the cheapest and most expensive tariffs. This figure was captured in December 2020 and is used as a real world illustration.

Month Avg kWh Gas usage Lowest Cost £ per month Avg Cost £ per month Highest Cost £ per month
October 1422 41.08 58.66 76.96
November 2045 56.49 80.88 106.31
December 1803 50.61 72.4 95.09
January 1749 49.26 70.45 92.52
February 1534 43.35 61.98 81.39
March 837 26.46 37.57 49.11
April 295 12.74 17.79 23.01
May 267 12.21 17.03 21.98
June 315 13.24 18.52 23.96
July 249 11.76 16.38 21.12
August 228 11.23 15.62 20.12
September 934 28.71 40.83 53.43
Monthly avg
29.76 42.34 55.42
Annual total
357.14 508.11 720.42

To get to this figure we took the average household gas usage figure of 12,000kWh. For additional insight the figures are broken down by month as we use a different amount of gas each depending on the time of the year.

The monthly cost is shown for the actual usage for that month so in summer households tend to use less gas because their gas central heating is off. In winter the figures are higher as the central heating is on more often.

There are three columns showing the cost for someone on the cheapest supplier, the most expensive and the average of the two.

Average gas bill on the cheapest tariff

The gas tariff 'Mercury 12 v41' from Zog Energy costing 2.45 pence per kWh of gas and a daily standing charge of 17.85 pence was used for the lowest price because when this analysis was done that was the lowest price gas supplier.

Most people are generally only interested in the cheapest gas price unless you are after a renewable energy supplier.

Zog Energy charged the least for gas so for the average UK household they would expect to be paying an average of £29.76 a month or £357.14 over the course of a year.

Your gas bill if you were on the most expensive

The most expensive gas was the Green Gas tariff from Ecotricity costing 4.76 pence per kWh for gas with a 29.89 pence a day standing charge. The reason the 'Green Gas' tariff is more expensive is because Ecotricity offset the carbon produced by the gas and they are developing their own gasmills by producing biogas from grass.

The most expensive but greenest gas costs more. Ecotricity charged the most at the time of this analysis so the average British household would be paying £55.42 a month or £720.42 annually on their gas bill.

How much gas does a UK household use?

You may have noticed that the amount you pay for the gas portion of your dual fuel energy bill stays more or less constant in the summer but then seems to skyrocket as winter approaches.

There are figures published by Ofgem based on the average dual fuel bill for which I have published for the average gas bill per month for a typical 3 bedroom semi detached house in the UK. The figures were based on the average gas usage of 12,000 kWh per year and prices based on the cheapest tariffs available.

I've expanded on the average usage figures and broken them down by month, for low, average and high usage household (based on Ofgem figures) and given the cost for that month.

I thought it would be more useful to you to show how much is used at different times of the year. Typically most tariffs that people sign up to are based on paying a fixed monthly amount based on your estimated yearly costs divided by 12. This is popular for many customers as it spreads their costs equally over the course of the year.

The average cost for the month is calculated based on the the price charged by the current cheapest overall provider, PFP Energy with their fixed green tariff. I've used the TCR which they published as 3.41p per kWh of gas. TCR is more or less the actual kWH rate the company charges for the tariff (2.8035p per KWh) plus the standing charge (25.5239p per Day) plus any other discounts.

Month Gas Usage Low kWh Gas Usage Average kWh Gas Usage High kWh Avg Cost for month
October 948 1422 2015 £48.49
November 1363 2045 2897 £69.73
December 1202 1803 2555 £61.48
January 1165 1749 2477 £59.64
February 1023 1534 2174 £52.31
March 558 837 1185 £28.54
April 197 295 418 £10.06
May 178 267 379 £9.10
June 210 315 447 £10.74
July 166 249 352 £8.74
August 152 228 323 £7.77
September 623 934 1324 £31.85

So when we talk about the average here we are referring to the average in terms of usage, how much the average household uses. In terms of money spent on your bill we have used the current best available price so you can get an idea of how much you should be aiming to pay.

I don't think anyone is looking to pay the average cost, they want the cheapest possible price so this is a good illustration of what you ought to be aiming for in terms of your gas bill.

You can see from the table above how much the average household in the UK would pay based on that amount of gas they used that month. Whilst you may pay a fixed monthly direct debit, a fixed summer and fixed winter variable direct debit or pay on receipt of your paper bill this does not reflect your actual usage each month.

Whilst you may pay the average of £33.20 a month by direct debit for the gas portion of your energy bill, you don't actually use the same amount every month.

During the summer you would use around £10 worth of gas a month as you are unlikely to need to switch your central heating on. The only gas being used will be for heating your water.

In the peak of winter you could be using 6 to 7 times as much as you try to keep your house warm. The colder it gets outside the harder your boiler has to work to accomplish the same level of comfort inside.

If you are paying substantially more for your gas you may want to find out why your gas bill is so high?

Prices are always changing and the gas and electricity tariff prices also change, sometimes even if the wholesale price does not actually change. You can often get a great dual fuel deal by keeping an eye on the launch of new rates released by the smaller providers and sometimes by the Big 6.

You can check the current energy rates quite quickly yourself to see which of the new deals being released will result in the best price in your region.