Tonik Energy tariffs

tonik energy tariffs

Tonik Energy is a Birmingham based utility and a relative newcomer having started in 2016. It provides green tariffs based on renewable electricity, green gas and carbon offsetting. We rated it runner up green energy supplier for mid priced and cheap green gas and electricity.

If you are looking to switch to a greener energy supplier then Tonik is a good option, we rated Bulb and Green as better based on price and 'greeness' of their energy. Tonik Energy has three main tariffs and an EV tariff if you happen to own an electric vehicle and want to charge it up at off peak rates.

All of their tariffs are fixed for 12 months or 24 months and all offer 100% renewable electricity. You can choose to have standard natural gas or a greener upgrade to 100% carbon offset gas or greener still to 10% biogas and the remainder 90% offset.

Tonik Energy ceased trading

Tonik ceased trading in October 2020 and their customers were transferred over to Scottish Power. Consumers' gas and electricity supply is protected and existing credit with Tonik is also protected.

Scottish Power is a poor customer rated supplier. At the time of the transfer its Trustpilot rating was 3.6 out of 5 with 23% of customers leaving bad feedback. In comparison Tonik Energy was rated similarly at 3.5 out of 5 with a 21% bad feedback score.

Scottish Power is generally more expensive than other energy providers and doesn't have great customer feedback. Our list of the best UK energy suppliers will show you which companies are highly rated by customers.

If you are looking for another renewable energy supplier our list of green energy suppliers with prices will help you find a new affordable renewable energy supplier.

Green SuperPower (1 Year) v5 + Free Boiler Service

Tonik's cheapest tariff is their 'Green SuperPower (1 Year) v5 + Free Boiler Service' and is currently in the top 10 cheapest energy tariffs available in the UK in June 2020. A typical bill on this tariff would cost you £792.39 a year (about £67 a month) so is a great cheap gas and electricity tariff with green credentials.

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Zero Carbon (1 Year) v1

Carbon neutral tariffs are becoming more common as a stop gap until large scale green gas production occurs. Carbon neutral energy tariffs work by offsetting the carbon dioxide released from burning natural gas usually by investing in green technologies in developing countries, planting trees or preventing forests being destroyed.

Tonik Energy's Zero Carbon (1 Year) v1 offsets the carbon by investing in it's project in Kenya. The cost of this 12 month fixed tariff is £969.74 (£81/month) making it more than £170 more expensive than their bargain SuperPower tariff.

Greenest Future (2 Year) v1

Tonik's greenest and most expensive tariff is their Greenest Future (2 Year) v1 which is a 2 year fixed. It is more expensive due to the fact it is fixed for 24 month, the longer a fixed deal is the more expensive it will be. It also supplies 10% green gas and 90% offsets the rest.

At £1039.92 or £87/month this is the most expensive Tonik Energy tariff. For this sort of price you'd be better off switching to the Birch tariff from Green which costs about £870 and offers 100% green gas so you'd be making more of an environmental difference at a lower cost to you.

List of Tonik Energy's tariffs

Tariff Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
Green SuperPower (1 Year) v5 + Free Boiler Service 21.672 13.892 17.630 2.153
Zero Carbon (1 Year) v1 28.256 14.795 27.111 2.909
Greenest Future (2 Year) v1 32.424 15.057 28.550 3.255