Rebel Energy

rebel energy

Rebel Energy is a British energy supplier registered in 2017 but launched in 2021 by Daniel and Sarah Bates and Penelope Hope. The ethical supplier aims to provide low cost cheap green energy by keeping costs low using artificial intelligence and a predominantly digital workforce.

Rebel offers UK sourced renewable energy as standard, they offer plans to help prepay customers with poor credit to get onto direct debit tariffs that have lower rates. Fuel poverty affects 13.4% of households in England and their aim is to end fuel poverty.

They are a B Corp certified company which means that they are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.

As well as being a living wage employer they cap executive pay at a 10:1 ratio to the lowest paid employee.

Households that have less money pay an average of £490 more a year for essential goods and services. And for one in ten of those households, that figure is at least £780 - Rebel Energy

Rebel Energy Tariffs

Rebel uniquely offers weekly payments as well as monthly direct debits to allow lower income households to more easily budget as they would if using a prepayment meter. The aim is to offer tariffs that are competitive with the best prepayment energy deals.

Their tariffs offer 100% renewable electricity as standard and their gas supply is 100% carbon offset making them one of the few UK low cost green energy suppliers. They aim to always be in the cheapest 25% of energy tariffs which means that they should consistently be one of the cheapest green energy suppliers in the UK.

Rebel Energy Renewable Electricity and Carbon Offset Gas

There are not many energy companies in the UK that offer carbon neutral or carbon offset gas and most of these suppliers employ third party companies or charities to do the carbon offsetting through tree planting or charitable work in developing countries.

The Restoration Fund charity set up by Rebel allows the responsibility for carbon offsetting all their customers gas usage to be done in house. The Rebel Restoration Fund is managed by Richard Woodfine since joining Rebel in January 2021 and aims to offset carbon by restoring ecosystems.