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The prepayment energy specialist Nabuh is a Sheffield based energy company owned and run by Danish entrepreneur Klaus Michael Bach. Originally granted a supply licence in 2016 as Santiam Energy Limited they changed their name to Nabuh Energy Ltd soon after but didn't start trading until 2018 although they launched their site in late 2017.

The company was founded on the principle that it wanted to treat prepayment customers better by providing low cost hassle free prepayment tariffs. They have prominent contact information on their website including a telephone number (0330 0414 902) available Mon-Fri 9am till 8pm and 9am to 5pm Saturday. You can also email them ( or their is a webchat Monday to Friday 10am till 7pm.

Although they do seem to have prominent contact details it does seem from several review sources that customers have issues with long wait times. You can find out more in our Nabuh Energy review section further down.

What is prepayment energy?

If you haven't heard about prepayment meter tariffs they allow you to buy credit or top up your meter rather than paying a monthly direct debit. Households with poor credit tend to be on prepayment meters but some people choose to have a pay as you go gas and electric meter installed to better budget for their energy needs.

Nabuh Energy Tariffs

Although Nabuh's main customer base are prepay, they do offer standard monthly payment direct debit tariffs both variable and 12 month fixed. Although they have had energy tariffs available since 2018 they are not on any of the energy comparison sites that I can find. The issue seems to be because of their poor customer feedback so the tariffs published here are the ones that were available from their website.

They offer a range of tariffs to cover standard meters, economy 7, smart meters and prepay with combinations to cover all types of meter and tariff type. The big plus for the tariffs that they offer is that they are all exit fee free so you can switch to another deal at any time without fees.

As at January 2021 their Economy 7 tariffs offer good value based on a quote for the average home. Their other tariffs including their prepay offers are not the cheapest ranging from £82 to £88 compared to current deals elsewhere which are as low as £73.

Month price checked Tariff name Tariff type Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Typical monthly cost
January 2021 Grace Tariff Prepay 12 month fixed 26.408 14.368 32.55 2.712 £82.17
January 2021 Nabuh Energy Jack Tariff Direct Debit 12 month fixed 24.99 14.142 24.99 3.165 £83.39
January 2021 Jessica Tariff Direct Debit Variable rate 23.867 16.466 25.862 2.928 £86.94
January 2021 Jessica Tariff V4 Direct Debit Variable rate 23.867 14.7 26.702 3.453 £87.89
January 2021 Nabuh Energy Mel Tariff Direct Debit 12 month fixed 28.35 14.453 27.3 3.434 £88.61
January 2021 Grace E7 Tariff Direct Debit 12 month fixed 27.605 14.368/8.925 32.55 2.712 £76.62

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Grace Tariff

The Nabuh Energy Grace Tariff is a 12 month fixed price prepayment deal with no exit fees. For the average UK household the cost would come to £82.17 a month or £985.98 per year. Excluding economy 7 meters this is their current cheapest deal.

Nabuh Energy Jack Tariff

The Jack tariff is a 12 month fix paid by a monthly direct debit. Like all their tariffs there are no exit fees. For the average household the cost for a month comes to £83.39 or £1,000.63 over a 12 month period.

Jessica Tariff

Jessica Tariff from Nabuh is another direct debit monthly paid deal but this is their variable version costing £86.94 a month or £1,043.29 yearly. It's slightly more expensive than their fixed rate (Jack) equivalent at £83.39.

Jessica Tariff V4

They also have a Jessica Tariff V4 which is also a variable tariff payable by direct debit and costs £87.89 a month or £1,054.66 a year. There doesn't seem to beanie difference between the two Jessica tariffs except this one is about a pound a month more expensive.

Nabuh Energy Mel Tariff

The Nabuh Energy Mel Tariff is their smart meter only deal costing £88.61 a month or £1,063.30 yearly. Also direct debit and fixed for 12 months, it's the Jessica tariff for smart meters but for some reason they are charging you two quid more a month for having a smart meter.

Grace E7 Tariff

Their economy 7 plans are good value at the moment being the cheapest outside London. The Grace tariff is a 12 month fix costing £76.62 month (£1,063.30/year) and paid via a monthly direct debit.

Nabuh Energy Review

The online reviews for Nabuh Energy are quite negative. The overwhelming issue seems to be with top ups either over the phone, online or via their top up app.

I have read through a lot of reviews for Nabuh energy on Google, Trustpilot and reviews left in the Google play store for their app. It is by far the most reviews I have ever read for one company and only because I wanted to find out why so many customer have left such overwhelmingly bad customer feedback.

Nabuh Energy has relatively poor customer feedback with the average score left by customers being 1.6 out of 5.

Let's start with the app. The Nabuh Energy v.2 app and the original earlier version are made by third party developer Key IVR Ltd that develops payment systems for other businesses. Both the old and new version of the app that was designed to allow customers to top up their gas and electricity on their mobile smart phones have poor 1.6/5 star reviews.

Customers complain that the app is slow, has errors and does not allow them to log in or top up. The list of complaints are extensive even for the newer version 2 of the app. Customers then resort to trying to phone Nabuh Energy directly on 03300 414902 or via their direct top up line on 03300 082138 which causes further frustration with not being able to get through or being on hold for a long time.

The Google reviews for Nabuh are also 1.6/5, exactly the same score their app gets. The figures are coincidental but reflect the frustration of customers. In addition to the issues customers have with topping up their gas and electricity there are complaints about generally being unable to get issues resolved.

The company's Trustpilot rating is also 1.6/5 and mirrors similar complaints against the company. Trustpilot also shows an 86% bad feedback rating which usually raises a red flag. Worryingly customers on prepayment meters rely on being able to top up their meters. Unlike standard meters a prepayment meter will cut off your gas or electric if the credit runs out. There is usually an emergency credit option on the meter but that is only there to tide the customer over until they manage to top up.

The issue is that as customers are unable to top up or the top up just don't work they are being left without electric or heating.

Nabuh Energy are obviously having serious issues for them to be receiving such negative feedback across the board. Even on their Facebook page most of the post comments are complaints from customers as they have not enabled Facebook reviews on their Facebook business page. So Nabuh Energy are obviously aware of the ongoing issues they are having.

When I do a review of an energy company I use their website to get a quote as a potential customer and compare it with any tariffs they have available on energy comparison sites. I contact the company as a customer either via web chat or phone to see how well customer services respond and ask any questions where the answer is not clear on the website.

I did try to contact them via their web chat but was unable to get through. It kept saying there was 1 person in front of me and the expected wait would be 5 seconds but after a while it stops to say that all agents are busy and to retry.

I gave up trying to get through to them as a potential customer as the typical customer looking for answers would not persist as long as I did in trying to contact them and will have gone elsewhere.

I noticed that Selectra also did a review of this energy supplier about a year previous to this and it reflected many of the issues I have found. It would seem that there haven't really been any improvements since then but the reviewer did manage to get through to the supplier on the phone after a 5 minute wait.

Nabuh energy fuel mix

Nabuh are not a renewable energy supplier and their most recently published fuel mix shows that it includes 8.3% of their energy from renewables. Most smaller energy suppliers either offer a renewable energy tariff or are 100% renewable energy as standard.

Nabuh energy top up

There are a number of ways that you can top up your prepayment meter as a Nabuh Energy customer. You can visit the 'Nabuh Energy top up online' page where you can log in with your phone number and postcode. They have two version of their Nabuh Energy app where you can top up on your Android or IOS Apple phone.

You can also top up at a Paypoint store using your top up card or by phoning their direct top up line on 03300 082138 or customer services on 03300 414902.

Warm Home Discount

Like most smaller suppliers they do not offer the Warm Home Discount so if you are eligible you will need to find a supplier that offers the Warm Home Discount.