Igloo Energy

igloo energy

Igloo presents itself as a modern and uncomplicated energy company. They only have one energy tariff and that's 'Igloo Pioneer'. It's a variable rate which means it goes up and down depending on energy prices. Igloo have no fixed energy tariffs.

Like many of the newer energy companies in the UK, to keep costs down they only offer payment by monthly direct debits. At the time of writing they were not accepting any more Pay As You Go customer where you top up your credit meter in advance.

They plan to offer smart meters but do have a pretty smart app for taking meter readings from a standard gas or electric meter. You take a picture and it can read the meter numbers from the image making it easier to submit manual meter readings.

As an energy supplier our aggregated Igloo energy reviews put them in third position overall. Our aggregated energy company reviews take the review ratings from trusted review sources to get an overall picture of how good the energy supplier is rather than just trusting figures from a single source.

Who owns Igloo energy?

Igloo energy supplies limited is registered in Southampton. A majority of the shares in the company are owned by Lightbulb Es Ltd. Prior to 2017 Igloo was known as Pioneer Energy Limited.

The directors of the company are Matthew Clemow, Henry Brown and Jonathan Slade. In late 2019 Japanese firm Osaka Gas became a minority shareholder and Koji Morifuji became a director Lightbulb Es Ltd, the major stakeholder of Igloo.

How many customers does Igloo energy have?

At the start of 2020 Igloo supplied 85,000 households and by the start of June 2020 had exceeded 98,000 customers.

Igloo energy tariff

Month price checked Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
August Igloo Pioneer 20.833 13.013 24.500 2.105
June Igloo Pioneer 20.833 12.569 24.500 2.247

The Igloo Pioneer tariff is aimed at the majority of UK households with a slightly higher daily standing charge and lower cost per kWh charges. It would be less suitable for very low energy user households or where the property is not used all year round, especially properties that are not used over the winter months.

As Igloo Pioneer is a variable tariff it means the standing charge and kWh unit price for gas and electricity can change. As you can see from the tariff table above they reduce the unit price for gas and increased the unit price for electricity between June and August 2020.

Igloo is currently in the top 10 cheapest tariffs as the 5th cheapest energy deal in August 2020 and 8th cheapest prior to that in July the same year.

You can compare energy yourself to get an exact figure and see how much you could save by switching.