Hub Energy

hub energy

Hub Energy rebranded from Gulf Gas and Power in February 2021 with the aim of delivering renewable energy and providing carbon reduction technologies. They currently have just one energy tariff, the HUB Smart Choice Tariff, a 1 year fix but it is 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas.

Originally launched in 2017 as Gulf Gas and Power Hub Energy has been providing 100% renewable energy, previously their tariff was called Gulf Home Renewable. Back in March and April 2020 their tariff was in the top 10 cheapest energy tariffs but didn't offer a top 10 cheap energy deal until they rebranded as Hub.

Hub Energy Tariffs

As a renewable energy supplier Hub offers 100% renewable electricity and gas is offset by investing in renewable energy projects around the world. They currently only offer 1 year fixed tariffs which have a £30 per fuel exit fee.

Their tariffs do not support economy 7 or prepayment meters.

Month price checked Tariff name Tariff type Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh Typical monthly cost
March 2021 HUB Smart Choice Tariff 12 March 22 v2 12 month fixed 14.77 15.977 18.15 2.671 £78

HUB Smart Choice Tariff 12 March 22 v2

Their HUB Smart Choice Tariff 12 March 22 v2 tariff for March 2021 costs the average household £78 a month which makes it the cheapest renewable energy tariff at this time. The tariff is for standard or smart meters but is only available by paying monthly via direct debit so not for you if you want to pay quarterly or on the receipt of a paper bill.

As prices and tariffs change the best way to make sure you are getting a good price is to compare energy rates for yourself.

Hub Energy Review

Hub Energy was easy enough to contact via their web chat where I was connected to a real person straight away. I spoke to Alesha who was able to answer my questions and confirmed that the company offered 100% renewable energy and 100% of their customers carbon dioxide emissions were offset.

I did find their quoting system a bit slow but it does look up your meter numbers in the background to reduce the number of questions you are asked. It does this based on the address you type in so you don't have to specify what type of meter you have.

Thank you for your query. We do not offer any pre-payment tariffs. We offer economy 7 style tariffs to commercial customers only.

One issue I did find with their website quote process is that it offers you a tariff price even if you have a prepayment or economy 7 meter. I didn't query this with them but did confirm by talking to Gareth on the webchat they do not offer tariffs to economy 7 or prepayment customers. Again Melissa added that it would not allow you to complete the switch if you had either economy 7 or pay as you go meter.

Unfortunately it doesn't mention anywhere on the quoting process, or anywhere I could find on their site to say they don't offer Economy 7 or prepayment customers.

Hub Energy on Trustpilot

All of the reviews here at Safe Energy Switch compare suppliers based on their Trustpilot score and Ofgem complaints data. It means that even if the data is not 100% representative of the company you still get a like for like rating as you are using the same tool to measure each supplier by.

Hub Energy's Trustpilot score as of March 2021 is 4.5 out of 5 with 1,584 reviews and a bad review rating of 4%. Relatively this is quite a good score for an energy company and is the same rating they had when they were known as Gulf Gas and Power.

Compare this to the energy reviews of other suppliers and whilst they are not as highly rated as the likes of Green, Bulb, Octopus, So Energy and Avro Energy they are a company that seems to be trusted as a supplier.

Hub Energy Ofgem Complaints

The number of official complaints published by Ofgem stand at 41 per 10,000 customers which is quite low. These are the figures for the latest available data for quarter 4 of 2020. As Hub didn't exist by that name till 2021 the data is published under their previous incarnation of Gulf Gas and Power.

They managed to resolve 67% of complaints by the next working day and 100% of complaints were resolved by the 8 week mark.