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The main thing you should know about Green Energy UK ( is that they were the first (and currently only in 2020) British energy provider to supply 100% green gas. Their green gas (biomethane) is produced from farm and food waste from UK sources and so it's production is almost carbon neutral. Compared to natural gas that is carbon intensive and much of the UK supply of gas is imported into the UK.

As well as green gas from UK producers their 100% renewable electricity from wind, solar, hydro and biomass and no nuclear. They do not simply buy REGO certificates, they actually source their renewable electricity from UK sources.

As a supplier they are in the same class as Ecotricity and Good Energy but they have the bonus of supplying 100% green gas for the same price as their competitor tariffs.

Green Energy UK is as green as you can get for an energy supplier in the UK. However if you are on a budget then the higher premiums that proper green tariffs make their 'Sparkling Tariff 2022' and 'EKO Energy Tariff' too expensive.

If you can afford to pay more for your energy and make the biggest difference then this very low carbon certified green energy supplier is the best there is.

If however you are on the tightest of budgets but still want 100% green electricity I'd recommend you take at look at budget energy supplier who have had the cheapest energy prices on several occasions in the later half of 2020. They are consistently in the top 10 cheapest deals and offer great service with value for money.

Green Energy UK tariffs

There are two 100% renewable electricity and 100% green gas tariffs from Green Energy UK. Both tariffs are fixed price and have no exit fees so no penalties if you decide to leave before the end of your contract.

The difference between the two gas and electricity rates is the length of the fix and the fact that the slightly more expensive EKO tariff has additional green certification.

Month price checked Tariff Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
December 2020 Sparkling Tariff 2022 31.82 19.28 31.31 4.62
December 2020 EKO Energy Tariff 31.82 19.48 31.31 4.99

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Sparkling Tariff 2022

The Sparkling Tariff 2022 is a fixed rate tariff lasting till March 31st 2022 which is approximately 15 months at the time of writing. For the average household the monthly cost would be £115.21 a month which equates to £1382.50 per year.

There is no doubt that this is one of the most expensive tariffs on the market but Green Energy UK is a specialist renewable energy supplier that is offering the greenest of green tariffs, arguably the most ethical domestic energy in the UK.

They are about £45 a month more expensive than the current absolute cheapest energy deal, but with anything premium you are paying for the guarantee that the energy you are using is sourced sustainably and ethically. They are supporting British renewable energy suppliers and protecting the environment.

EKO Energy Tariff

Green Energy UK's EKO Energy tariff goes one step further as it is EKOenergy certified which means the source of energy is verified by a third party. EKOenergy is a non-profit renewable energy eco labeling entity. If energy has the EKOenergy ecolabel it means that it meets the strictest of stringent criteria. As an example the green gas produced has to be derived from waste and no crops grown specifically for the purpose of generating energy.

For a typical UK household it would cost you £119.43 a month or £1433.10 over a year. It's about £4 a month more expensive than their Sparkling tariff as it is EKOenergy. The tariff is also fixed until 31st March 2022 so about 15 months.

EKO Energy is the most green and ethical tariff you can get in the UK, even more so than ecotricity and Good Energy who are the other renewable clean energy market leaders.

So this is a relatively expensive deal but you are not going to sign up to this fixed price tariff unless you were looking to minimise your impact of powering and heating your home.

Green Energy UK Review

They may only be a small energy supplier but they are a principled and ethical supplier whose main focus is customer service and supplying gas and electricity that is the least harmful to wildlife and the environment.

The Ware based gas and electricity supplier has been around since 2001 so has a long and proven track record even though their green credentials may be mistaken for one of the newer renewable suppliers is the UK. These guys and girls are the real deal when it comes to making a difference and with the introduction of their Ekoenergy certified EKO energy tariff in October 2019 it makes them the greenest energy supplier in the UK.

As I mentioned earlier their offerings are specialist and are aimed at those that want to make the most difference by choosing a supplier of gas and electric that is going to minimise their carbon footprint and invest in cleaner renewable technologies.

The specialist nature does come with a price tag so it is not aimed at those who have a limited budget and struggle to pay for their heating. It does however offer those domestic energy customers who want to make a real difference and show their green and ethical credentials.

An average UK household is going to spend £119.43 on the EKO tariff. A typical Big 6 deal is going to cost around £93.83 a month and a similar deal from one of the budget suppliers around £72 to £75 a month. However even the best equivalent renewable deal is not going to compare to what Green Energy UK has to offer but it does give you an idea of where they sit as a company with regards to cost.

Customer reviews are very positive although I can see several customers confusing this supplier with similarly named providers. Confusingly, there are now a lot of green suppliers with similarly sounding names such as Green ( and Green Network Energy. Additionally reviewers seem to confuse them with companies who are not even domestic suppliers.

On Turstpilot they currently have a score of 4.5/5 which ranks them up there with companies that are famous for their customer support such as Bulb and Octopus. The Google review rating is 4/5 which is pretty good considering reviews tend to be more negative on Google compared to Trustpilot for energy companies.