ESB Energy

ESB energy

Irish energy provider ESB Energy is a name you might not recognise in England although they are not a new energy supplier. They were originally founded in 1927 but started in 1993 but then became limited in the UK in 2015 and have their head office is now based in Manchester.

They are a gas and electricity supplier with providing 100% renewable electricity (although not on their variable tariff) and they are also involved in energy generation from wind, thermal and biomass from waste wood. They also have electric car rapid charging points installed in Coventry and London and offer a tariff if you have an electric vehicle. If you have an electric car then take a look at our EV tariff roundup for cheaper off peak charging at home.

ESB Energy tariffs

ESB offers a variable rate tariff, the imaginatively named 'Electricity & Gas' although for some reason this does not include green electricity like their EV tariff and fixed rate energy deals. They have an EV tariff which is fixed for 2 years but doesn't seem to offer any benefits over their standard 24 month fixed gas and electricity tariff. The same goes for their Economy 7 EV tariff which is no different from their standard E7 tariff.

The fixed rate energy tariffs are fixed for either 1 or 2 years and are available for both standard single rate meters and economy 7 meters. They do not offer any prepay tariffs at the moment but it looks like they plan to in the future.

You can switch to them if you have a smart meter but they cannot guarantee that the smart functionality will continue to work such as automatically sending in meter readings and displaying the correct usage information on your In Home Display.

With regards to price competitiveness they are about average costing around the £84 to £86 a month mark which means there are a lot of lower priced deals on the market. At the time of doing this price check (December 2020) there were similar tariffs available from the best rated utilities from around £72 a month. Take a look at our energy reviews of the best UK suppliers where you can find cheaper tariffs from highly rated energy companies.

Date Tariff Name Electricity daily standing charge Electricity pence per KWh Gas daily standing charge Gas pence per KWh
December 2020 Brighter Future 12 v 11 18.27 16.90 19.34 2.91
December 2020 Brighter Future 12 v 11 (E7) 22.23 17.14/12.19 19.34 2.91
December 2020 Brighter Future 24 V 9 18.43 17.05 19.52 2.94
December 2020 Electricity & Gas 22.31 16.48 25.82 2.90
December 2020 Electricity & Gas (E7) 22.40 17.27/12.28 25.82 2.90
December 2020 Brighter Future 24 V 9 - EV 18.43 17.05 19.52 2.94
December 2020 Brighter Future 24 V 9 (E7) 22.23 17.14/12.19 19.52 2.94
December 2020 Brighter Future 24 V 9 - EV (E7) 22.23 17.14/12.19 19.52 2.94

Brighter Future 12 v 11

ESB's Brighter Future 12 v 11 is their main 1 year fixed rate deal. At the time of writing it is their cheapest deal for standard meters. This 12 month fix would cost £84.21 a month for the average 3 bed household which equates to £1,010.47 over the course of a year. ESB have a £60 early exit fee on their fixed rate deals and are 100% renewable electricity on fixed tariffs as well.

Electricity & Gas

The variable tariff they offer is called 'Electricity & Gas' which seems very generic, obviously the person they pay to come up with tariff names was off that day. Their variable rate would equate to £86.22 a month for the average UK household on dual fuel. Annually the rate would be £1,034.67.

For their variable rate offers ESB do not include green energy. Only their fixed energy tariffs include 100% renewable electricity.

Brighter Future 24 V 9 - EV

ESB Energy offer a longer 24 month fixed deal with the same £60 dual fuel exit fee should you wish to end your contract before the end of the 2 years. There are fixed rate deals that are free of exit fees but most longer term fixes have fees.

The 'Brighter Future 24 V 9 - EV' is a tariff for electric vehicle owners but offers no benefits over their standard 2 year tariff. The price for this green deal is £1,019.96 a year or £85 a month, exactly the same rate as their non EV 2 year fix.

Brighter Future 24 V 9

Brighter Future 24 V 9 is exactly the same as the EV version of the tariff above so I won't repeat the details, suffice to say 'Brighter Future 24 V 9' and 'Brighter Future 24 V 9 - EV' are the same.

ESB Energy Economy 7 tariffs

The Economy 7 tariffs on offer from ESB offer a period of lower rate night time electricity for those who have an E7 meter. The quoted prices assume that 42% of your electricity usage is at the lower cheaper night time rate and the remaining 58% is used during the daytime peak period.

An Economy 7 tariff is only usually suitable for homes with storage heaters and electric water immersion heaters set to switch on when the meter detects the lower rate has come into effect. Typically households do not take advantage of the cheaper rate energy, you can find out more in our guide on Economy 7 energy which includes information on Economy 7 times.

Brighter Future 12 v 11 (E7)

The 12 month fixed Economy 7 tariff 'Brighter Future 12 v 11' would cost the average home £967.93 yearly or £80.66 a month. Compared to a household on a standard meter on the same tariff you would be about £42 a year better off although that assumes you use 42% of your electricity at night.As with all ESB's fixed deals there is a £60 early exit fee.

Brighter Future 24 V 9 (E7)

'Brighter Future 24 V 9' is their 2 year fix costing the average home £972.18 a year or £81.02 a month. It is not much more expensive than their 1 yer fix so assuming prices are not going to crash it is a more attractive deal if you are booking for long term price security.

Brighter Future 24 V 9 - EV (E7)

The EV versions of ESB Energy's tariffs are the same as their non EV ones so again not much benefit other than it states EV in the name. Saying that it makes more sense to charge your electric car using the off peak Economy 7 rates compared to a single rate standard meter.

Electric vehicle owners do tend to use more electricity if they charge their cars at home so the quotes we display here will not reflect the average EV owner. We use the assumed average energy usage figures of 12,000 kWh of gas and 3,100 kWh of electricity annually for all tariffs so it makes it easier to compare different tariffs from an energy provider or across all of the suppliers.

For the ESB 2 year fixed EV tariff your would expect to pay £81.02 a month or £972.18 over the course of a year.

Electricity & Gas (E7)

The standard rate Economy 7 'Electricity & Gas' tariff would cost £82.22 a month which amounts to £994.52 yearly. Again, based on our comparison of similar gas and electricity usage for an ESB customer on a standard meter compared to an E7 meter the later would save about £4 a month.

ESB Energy Review

I tend to speak to a lot of company representatives in the course of clarifying statements made on their websites or seeking answers to queries. Some energy providers do make it difficult to get in contact with them so companies with multiple channels are usually easier to deal with if you have a query.

ESB Energy has a contact number (0345 607 0372) prominently displayed on their site and further down their email address as well as a contact form on their contact us page. You can also message them on Facebook and Twitter.

The rating on Trustpilot is 4.5 out of 5 with 2,775 customer reviews and of which 7% are rated as bad. To put this into context the best energy companies have a rating of 4.6 to 4.9 with a bad percentage rating of 1 to 3 percent.

Overall ESB Energy is a good supplier having good contact information and good feedback. They are not up there with the top 10 but not too far behind. In terms of price they are more expensive than the current cheapest deals on the market but about average if you compare them to the entire gas and electricity market.