A better deal than a Bulb referral

So you've been tempted by Bulb's refer a friend scheme where you can use a Bulb referral link to get credit on your energy bill. Seems like a great idea right? Well it is if you are switching from an expensive energy company like one of the Big six and you don't want to get even cheaper energy than Bulb.

Did you know that Bulb is more expensive than many other energy companies? In fact you could save an additional £100 by switching to one of their cheaper rivals. That's double the Bulb £50 credit you get for switching.

You could switch to Bulb and get £50 bill credit or switch using Energy helpline and save £131 more than being with Bulb.

At the time of writing there are currently 30 cheaper tariffs compared to Bulbs Vari Fair tariff. The cheapest competitor according to Energy Helpline is the OVO Energy 'Better Energy 10 February 20' tariff which costs £131 less than Bulb for an average energy usage household.

You can compare for yourself here to see how much more you can save and at the time of writing (February 2020) the savings for an average energy user is £131. If you are a higher energy user you will save even more.

bulb referral saving comparison

As you can see from the screenshot it shows the 4 cheapest tariffs after doing a comparison of Bulb Energy against other energy providers. There are another 26 tariffs that are also cheaper but these are the cheapest dual fuel energy prices pictured.

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Is Bulb really cheaper?

Our research showed that there were 47 more expensive tariffs in our comparison but it also showed 30 tariffs that were far cheaper, the cheapest being £131 less. So Bulb is ranked 31 out of 78, that means more than a third of tariffs cost less than Bulb.

So whilst it seems like a good idea to use a bulb referral code to get a £50 credit on your energy bill it's not the best deal available by far. By switching to Ovo energy, Eon or even British Gas or a dozen other energy suppliers you could be saving up to £131 depending on which one you chose.

So if you had the choice of getting £50 off your Bulb bill or £131 of your bill from a cheaper energy company which would you choose? Of course you can also get an additional £50 cashback paid into your bank account in addition to that saving if you switch via the Energy Helpline's Ofgem approved comparison site.

Cheaper green energy deals like Bulb

Bulb does offer 100% green electricity so you may want to maintain your green credentials. According to our comparison Eon's 'Fix Online Exclusive v28' tariff is a green tariff and is £131 cheaper than bulb.

Cheaper than Bulb with no exit fees

Avro Energy has a 'Simple and eSuperPremier' tariff fixed for 12 months with no early exit fees and costs £130 less than Bulb. A fixed deal offers you the safety of knowing the price you pay will not change for 12 months.

But Bulb has great customer reviews

Yes Bulb does have great customer reviews and according to Which's 2020 survey they were rated 78%. However So Energy was rated a close 75% and there 'So Alder - Green - Seasonal Payments' deal is £107 cheaper than Bulb. If you do want to know which energy companies are really the best according to their customer take a look at our aggregated list from Google, Trustpilot and Citizens Advice reviews to see which are the best energy companies.

Still want to use the Bulb Energy Referral?

Maybe you are really set on making the switch to Bulb and a better deal elsewhere is not going to tempt you. If you still want to switch to Bulb and I can't tempt you by even cheaper than Bulb deal then I have one final recommendation for you.

There's a chap called Norman Wilson who is probably one of the more avid fans of the Bulb refer a friend scheme and offers to pay you £25 in addition to the £50 bill credit Bulb offers you. You can get this deal using his £75 Bulb referral link. If you're going to switch to Bulb anyway you might as well get the extra £25.